Virtual Tip Jar

Whilst it doesnt cost me anything to record the podcasts (I use free software), or to host the files (Talkshoe is a free site), nor does it cost me to watch films or write about them I thought long and hard about placing what they call a virtual tip jar on this site. So why have I opted to so? Well its a free thing for me to do and I already have a Paypal account. So why not. If someone out there thinks that the work I do is worthy of chucking a pound or dollar into the virtual tip jar then bless you. I thank you from the bottom of my movie filled heart.But hang on a second!!! If all of what I do doesnt cost me anything to do, then what would I spend any tips on? Well thats an easy one. As anyone who has followed what I do for any length of time knows. I have progressed (hopefully not regressed) into making my own video projects. (You can see all of those on this site in the FromPage2Screen CV page) which started with Experiencing Comic Con, and then a serious of interview ‘films’ entitled Spending Time With…. Those were a lot of fun (and a learning experience) to put together and I want to get better at it so need to do more.

A few weeks ago, when I first placed this page on my site, I never intended of raising money for any project, as I have a day job for that. However over the past few weeks, the 2 stories that will be filmed (hopefully) over the next 12 months have moved in development. Mimi:A Short film, has an actress interested in the main role, she is a talent, and Im very keen to bring her onboard. One Night Reservation, a feature length ‘limited location’ film that I am writing, also has an actress interested in the role, and a director I know is interested in coming on board. So any ‘tips’ that I manage to obtain will go into the budget for those two films.

But always remember this, because its important. I do what I do because I love watching films, writing about them, and speaking with the filmmakers who put these projects together. I genuinely love it and dont aim to make a living to do it (I have a day job that pays the bills of my home and allows me to sleep and eat) but any tips from you out there will go towards the FromPage2Screen film project. I promise I wont be one of those people who spams your timelines with ‘gimmes’ and other  than the initial article launch, which will go out on Twitter Facebook etc. I wont share this link again. I just wanted to make sure that there was a link sitting on my website that might help me in the future.

Now stop reading this, and go enjoy your day!

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