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FromPage2Screen began life as a series of audio podcasts. Beginning with a single appearance on an episode of The Post Game Report in 2010. I began my own series of shows which have gone through various names including ‘General Waffle’. ‘FromPage2Screen’ before settling into the very simple title ‘The Movie Show’ Before long ‘The British Movie Show’ sprang into life and then followed with ‘The Horror Show’  All the shows are in audio format and can be found on Itunes, Stitcher and various other podcast outlets.

I have decided to use this page to share the most recent episodes of the podcasts and perhaps some of the special event shows that I have done. I certainly dont like the idea of creating just under 500 links to all episodes. You wouldnt want to click through them all and it would take me weeks to be able to compile such a list. So for now, these are just a sample of the audio podcasts.

Episode 513:-What We Have Been Watching

Filmmaker and friend Neil Johnson join Stuart and Bob on the sho and we talk about what we have been watching (films and shows), and a little bit of filmmaking story swapping between Neil and Stuart. Bob joins us part way through.
Stay Safe and Stay Sane!

Episode 512 The Isolation Episode

Stuart (@frompage2screen) and Bob ( @Bag0Rats ) gather in the virtual wold for the first of several shows this week. This one solely focuses on the self isolation here in the UK This episode wont be a depressing episode but will give you a glimpse into what our lives (as in Bob and Stuarts) lives are like at the moment. Hopefully you will find some inspiration from it and share your own isolation stories in whatever format you wish

Episode 511

Episode 510

Episode 509

Episode 508

Episode 507

Episode 506

Episode 505

Episode 504

Episode 503

Episode 502

Episode 501

Episode 500 : The Milestone Episode (Coming Soon)

Episode 499 (Coming Soon)

Episode 498 (Coming Soon) Filmmaker Neil Johnson talks Star Wars

Episode 498 is an epic episode and features Filmmaker Neil Johnson and Stuart bannerman as they spend some time chatting about The Rise of Skywalker. Now before you panic if you havent sene it. There is a clear SPOILER WARNING at the 38 minute mark so listen until then if you havent seen the film and then leg it! If you have seen the film then enjoy this podcat episode that is actually longer than the final Skywalker film .

Episode 497 The 2nd End Of The Year Show

The second of the traditional year end episdes of the podcast, features Stuart ( @frompage2screen) and on this episode Bob ( @Bag0Rats) s we chat about how the year has treated us film related and otherwise.
What are our New Year plans? What highlights has the year given us?

Episode 496 The 1st End of the Year Show

The first of the traditional year end episdes of the podcast, features Stuart ( @frompage2screen) and also Stu Miller from the Monday Movie Show ( @cryptictadpole) as we chat about how the year has treated us film related and otherwise.
We go through our favourite films of the year, and some of the other highlights (and lowlights) of 2019 and talk about plans for the future year, which is just around the corner.

Episode 495 Waxing Cinematic /Geekhouse Podcast

The fun cook up of thegeekhouse podcast and the Waxing Cinematic podcast as Stuart and John change hosing duties. You can check out more of John Foutz’s podcasting skills by searching Waxing Cinematic on your podcast app of choice and just as i hope you do with this show, leave it a 5 star review!

Episode 494 Ladders and Christmas

Episode 494 takes you on a whirwind of life events since the 3 hosts gathered previously. Illnesses, Ladder Flls, Shopping, Games, Movies and Life.  We also lay into the Open Forum Radio team for not recognising a classic film (just kidding guys, we love you even if you dont agree with Stuars opinion!

Episode 493 Spending Time With Jen and Sylvia Soska

Sitting down with Jen and Sylvia Soska two of the most energentic, enthusiatic filmmakers that I can now say I know.From Dead Hooker in a Trunk to Rabid, The Soska Twins are super passionate at what they do and it will most definately show that in thes chats .
What you have in this episode is their Pre-Film intro, the Post film Q&A, and finally my sit down chat with them. Give them a follow over on Twitter at @twisted_twins and tell them I said hi.

Episode 492 Spending Time With Pollyanna Mcintosh

Grimmfest 2019. One of the best weekends ive had this year and also one of my favourite film festivals. This years was extra special as I finally managed to sit down,meet and chat with one of my favourite actors Pollyanna McIntosh, from Exam, The Woman, Filth, The Walking Dead and many more films, Pollyanna was attending Grimmfest to showcase her feature directorial Darlin, a wonderful film that continues the story that began in OffSpring, then moved to The Woman and contrinues in Darlin.
What you have in this podcast is my near half hour chat with Pollyanna, but also her intro to the film, and also the post film Q&A chat.

Episode 491 Sausage Rolls. Damn You!

Minus Rob who is ill and poorly but will return soon. This episode has Dtuart and Bob chatting after just over a week away. Stuart talks about how part of his life was derailed by a Sausage Roll and of course they both talk about the films they hve watched and the life they are leading.

Episode 490 The 3 Return

Bob Rob and Stuart are back after a little longer than usual and have e great catch up and distraction from the real world on this episode. Stuart,Rob and Bob chat about what they have watched done or played. Stuart gives his usual run down of his busy life, and we talk about the plans for the up and coming Episode 500, as well as talk about a cosplay story that broke within the past couple of weeks.
We were due to have a guest this week but ….well no spoilers..that didnt happen, but the guest will return (as they have been on before)

Episode 489 How We Change

Minus Bob who is away this week but Stuart and Rob hold the fort and chat about what they have watched done or played. Stuart gives Rob the Grimmfest highlight tour and talks Youtube and interviews.

Episode 487 Topic Mash Up

Minus Rob but has Stuart ( @frompage2screen) and Bob( @bag0rats)going through what they have done, watched, played, exprienced since the last show. We talk post Grimmfest, flu bigs and life in general .

Episode 486 Stuart Talks Grimmfest

This podcast episode is dedicated to the team at Grimmfest and all the wonderful people that I met at the yearly film festival. Listen to the stories of my experiences

Episode 485 No Time For A Title

This episode gathers Stuart, Rob and Bob together again as they chat about what they have been up to since episode 484. We get an update on Stuarts failed holiday and Stuarts up and coming trip to Grimmfest. We also discuss the Top 5 Music Albums that we never tire of listening to and Neil Johnson points out a flaw in last weeks Top 5 Black and White Films topic.

Episode 484 Holidays Or Not

Stuart, Rob and Bob together for the first time in a couple of weeks for a mix of topics, films, life in general conversations.

Episode 483 With Guest Mark Savage (Grange Hill)

Actor Mark Savage, perhaps most known for his role as Norman ‘Gripper’ Stebson joins the podcast for a one on one chat with Stuart ( @frompage2screen )
We chat about Grange Hill, Cat Litter, Life in General, The Savage Theatre Company, and we take some time to talk Human Issue, a stage play by Dean Moynihan which Mark will be performing in October in the UK.
This was Marks first podcast appearance and he took like a duck to water and was such a pleasure to chat to. Give him a follow on Twitter at @MarkSavageActor and tell him I sent you.

Episode 482 Talking About Things Other Than Movie

Episode 482 takes a little side step away from films (seeing as co host Bob ( @bag0rats) is in the midst of a house move and hasnt watched anything and Rob ( @mrrdyer ) is off this week entertaining house guests. Bob and I ( @frompage2screen ) chat about life, and how we have changed over the years. for the better and the worse.

Episode 481 What we have been watching

Rob Stuart and Bob back together again having a catch up about what they have watched done played or read.

Episode 480 Guest Actor Andrea Rose

Episode 480 sees Stuart ( @frompage2screen) joined by Actor Andrea Rose (@arsandell ) as they talk about Scare Acting, film acting and producint short films.
This was the first time that Andrea has appeared on the show sna it was wonderful to her about a different side of acting. We talk Escape Rooms, Elfs and much more.
You can connect with Andrea on social media @arsandell on Twitter and check out her Spotlight page here

Episode 479 Random Topics and Films with ET’s

Episode 479 Does have its mini topic. Top 5 films featuring Aliens, but of course as always the hosts (Rob, Stuart and Bob) cover a whole range of stories from their lives .

Episode 478 Guest Star Karen Brace

Episode 478 see Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) joined by Actor Karen Brace ( @karen_acts )for her first visit to the show. We cover a wide range of topics including ‘are actors filmmakers, is an actress an actor’ as well as a longer list of random topics that of course also include Karens journey into actinc, her training and some news about her past, present and future projects.

Episode 477 Revisiting Memory Lane

Episode 477 sees the continuation of a short series that myself and Bob (Bag0rats) started in 2012, yes way back when. We completed (or so we thought) a 4 episodes series where we spoke about certain chapters of our lives. Now in 2019, we continue that series for this one off special. Movie History:Whats changed since 2012.

Episode 476 Two Stu’s One Bob

Episode 476 is Robless, but does have Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) and Stu ( @cryptictadpole) and also Bob ( @Bag0Rats)
We have a good chat with Stu, find out what he thought of his recent trip to the Download Music Festival, who he saw, what the weather was like, and of course we then delved into movies and television.

Episode 475 Guest Host Liz Manashil

Episode 475 welcomes Guest host Liz Manashil who is a woman with tons of talents, reviewer, host, writer, producrer, director, film festival judge. The list goes on.
On this show Liz and I have a chat about everything ranging from Water Melons and Hammers, to Toy Story 4 .
Liz is super interesting and even though I talk a lot during this episode, youll find what Liz says a great learning experience. I hope she joins the show again in the future.

Episode 474 Walkie Bitch

Its always a pleasure when a co host revists and its been way too long since we spoke with filmmaker Shaun OBanion. This episode isnt so much of watched have watched type episode, more of a friends gathering and swapping stories. But you will find this show super entertaining. Running a near two hours, the time flew by (as it always does) as Stuart ( @frompage2screen) , Rob ( @MrRDyer), Bob ( @Bag0rats ) and Shaun (@shaun_obabion) gather in the geek house for a relaxing chat,

Episode 473 Catching Up With Mr Rob

In this episode Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) and Rob ( @MrRDyer ) get together and talk about Robs trip to see a new Star Trek documentary, as well as the usual unscripted topics that always pop up in the shows. Enjoy!!!

Episode 472 Happy Foutz Of July

The return of Mr John Foutz. Filmmaker, Voice Over Actor, Actor, Podcaster and all perfect decent guy! His contagious laugh brings sunshine to this episode as we have a catch up on what life has been like since we last spoke. We chat podcasting (John has his own show Waxing Cinematic) and we chat about a whole range of topics and record it just for YOU! Always a pleasure chatting with John and he will return

Episode 471 Guest Appearance On The Golan Globus Theatre Podcast

frompage2screen and the Golan Globus Theater kindly team up to chat about Superman IV, the Oscar snubbed movie from 1987. Have a listen as Stuart, Tim and Griff chat about the wonder that is easily one of the worst produced sequels of all time. This show talks about what went wrong rather than simply bashing it over the head with kryptonite so take a seat. And have a listan and enjoy.
You can check out the Golan Globus Theater in Twitter at @GandgTheater
They are a great team and I loved my time on the show with them. Drop them some praise!!!

Episode 470 Talking About Mr Todd

Stuart ( @frompage2screen) & Rob ( @MrRdyer) spend this episode talking about the actor that is Tony Todd. Sadly Tony isnt on this episode but he is here in spirit as we talk Candyman, Platoon, Star Trek and 24.

Episode 469 Our Top 5 Directors and their Top 3 films

Rob ( @MrRDyer ) and Stuart ( @frompage2screen) talking about their Top 5 favourite film directors and the 3 films we love from each of them. We also chat about what shows we have watched and generally have a fun catch up on the show.

Episode 468 No Set Visits

Another catch up show (yes we will get back into topics soon, I promise) Our hosts gather again . Bob ( @Bag0Rats) is awake (again) for this episode and joins Stuart @frompage2screen, and Rob @scifi_news gather in thegeekhouse podcast (formerly The Movie Show)
On this show we have a catch up, what we have watched done, filmed, and so forther We chat about a few mini topics from life, to films, to games

Episode 467 No topic Is Needed

On this show we have a catch up, what we have watched done, seen, played etc. We char about a whole range of topics from life, to films, to playstation VR to Stuarts up coming shoot with Mimi. We also chat about why the internet seems to be angry all the time.

Episode 466 Petitions! Shove em! Just try and enjoy

No main topic. Kristen ( @theshenerd ) Stuart @frompage2screen, and Rob @scifi_news gather in thegeekhouse podcast (formerly The Movie Show) and we have a catch up, talk about what we have watched,done,played etc. We chat about a whole range of topics from life, to films, to books . id never list them all because these shownotes would be huge.

Episode 465 We Dont Need A Topic

Episode 465 sees Stuart @frompage2screen, and Rob @scifi_news in thegeekhouse podcast (formerly The Movie Show)
On this show we have a catch up, what we have watched done, seen, played etc. We char about a whole range of topics from life, to films, to books . id never list them all because these shownotes would be huge.

Episode 464 Taking A Trip To The Small Screen

Episode 464 is TV devoted, we chat non spoilers about the latest episode of Game Of Thrones before diving into this weeks topic. Our Top 5 TV shows of all time. With hosts Stuart @frompage2screen, Rob @scifi_news and also Bob ( @Bag0Rats)

Episode 463 Question Time

On this show we have a catch up, what we have watched done, seen, played etc. We chat about the film hype and the mini topic of the week is actually a list of questions that I ask Bob and Rob to get to know them a bit better such as ‘whats the best decade for movies’

Episode 462 Youve never seen WHAT

Episode 462 sees (or rather hears) Stuart @frompage2screen, and Rob @scifi_news and also Bob ( @Bag0Rats) as well as Kristin ( @theshenerd )gather in thegeekhouse podcast (formerly The Movie Show)
On this show we have a catch up, what we have watched done, seen, played etc. We char about the Rise Of Skywalker, and also how much time we spend on social media. The mini topic of the week is ‘which 5 films have we always wanted to wath but just havent gotten around to it. Poor Bob comes in for some flack with his choices. I bet I know what films I will be sitting him down to watch in the coming weeks!

Episode 461 What Geeks Bob Out

On this show we have a catch up, what we have watched done, seen, played etc. But more importantly we finish off the series of ‘geek moments of our lives, as Bob finally rattles through his Top 5 moments that he personally feels are his favourite.

Episode 460 The Foutz Awakens

Its been a while since John Foutz and I chatted but we carry on like it was only last month!

Episode 459 Rob and Stuarts Favourite Geek Moments from life .

Join Stuart @frompage2screen, and Rob @MrRDyer on episode 459 of thegeekhouse podcast (formerly The Movie Show) Which might change back to that, who knows. Im still stuck for the perfect name for the Show. Rob and Stuart go through their personal Top 5 geek moments from their own lives (with 2 honorable mentions) Have a listen and then do share your own geek moments with us on Twitter @frompage2screen or email us

Episode 458 Lets Catch Up

Join Stuart @frompage2screen, and Rob @scifi_news and also Bob ( @Bag0Rats) on episode 458 of thegeekhouse podcast (formerly The Movie Show) Which might change back to that, who knows. Im still stuck for the perfect name for the Show.
On this show we have a catch up, what we have watched done, seen, played etc.

Episode 457 No Bob Just Rob and Stuart

This episode features Rob and Stuart catching up on what they have been watching and doing since the last show, life chat and of course also film chatter.
We also delve into a mini topic of our 5 favourite film scores of all time.

Episode 456 Guest Filmmakers Gage Oxley and Sian Carry

The first filmaking guests of 2019. Have a listen to this highly interesting pair. Writer/Director Gage Oxley, and Producer, Actor, and many other job roles Sian Carry as they leap onto a special episode of the podcast to talk not only about their LGBT film Wretched Things, but also their film Wretched Things (without a label) We also delve into what its like to make a film, some backstory on other projects and just (as youd expect from of my shows) a great fun conversation that just so happens to be recorded for your listening pleasure.
Join Stuart @frompage2screen, Gage Oxley @GageOxley, and Sian Carry @LadySianCarry in episode 456.

Episode 455 Fifteen Scifi Movies We Love

What are our choices for the Top 5 scifi movies
Find out whats memorable for us in this 455th episode of the podcast.
With what felt like a couple of rushed previous episodes (as in too much content, not enough time) things are slown down a bit in this episode (and future ones too hopefully) so please do let us know how we are doing. feedback is always welcomed.

Episode 454 Films That Make Us Laugh

What are our choices for the Top 10 comedy films and or moments. Well you can find out whats memorable for us in this 454th episode of the podcast.

Episode 453 Where Podcast Have Gone Before

After a brief ‘what have you been watching’ segment, Rob gets topic choice this week and chooses ‘Star Trek’ Now we know that not all of Star Trek can be discussed in an hour so dont expect an encyclopedia of the USS Enterprise and its companions. But this show will be fun. (We hope)

Episode 452 Our Favourite TV Characters of all time

Rob and Stuart and Bob discuss what makes a great TV character and more to the point, what our favourite ones of all time are.
We go through what we have watched since last week and also talk about the things that we have done.

Episode 451 Even Things In Movies Drive Us Nuts!

In this, the third show of 2019, Rob and Stuart get together and will Bob make it (he was on a bus rushing to his recording studio only moments before the show was due to begin)
In this episode we go through what we have watched since last week and also talk about the thigns taht movies and TV shows do that drives us nuts.

Episode 450 Lets Recommend

In this, the second show of 2019, Rob and Stuart get together and whilst there are no topics this episode, we both do go through a huge list of the films we have watched since the year end podcast. Together we briefly cover a couple of sozen films so get your memories ready and gather some new recommendations

Episode 449 Our Favourite British Films of All Time, with Guest Stuart from Britflicks

In this, the first show of 2019, we gather four hosts to talk about their favourite Top 10 UK films of all time. We had no idea who was bringing what, so there were some great surprises. Get your notepads ready for some great UK film recommendations!
Join Stuart @frompage2screen, Rob @scifi_news, Bob @bag0rats, and guest Stuart @leytonrocks from the Britflicks podcast

Episode 448 And An End To 2018

In the last official FromPage2Screen podcast episode of the year, the plans were for Stuart, Rob, Stu Miller and Bob to all show up and bring their end of year lists. However Stu forgot, Bob was AWOL so the show was down to Stuart and Rob (and they handle it well)
Lets talk about our favourite things of the year and dish out some recomendations for you all.
Please leave a review on whatever platform you are listening on, it helps build en even bigger audience. Many thanks if you do!
Also many thanks to all those who listened to the shows through the year (and previous years) it truly blows me away to know that what started as a 6 part series of podcast is approaching the 500th episode. Mind blowing!


Episode 447 Its Not Easy Being A Dolphin

In what is planned to be the second last episode of 2018, Rob, Bob and Stuart gather to not only talk about the films they have been watching since they last recorded, Not only do they gather to talk about their Rutger Hauer homework, nope. They also gather to talk about their own personal highlights (and lowlights) of the year thats nearly finished. As we gear up for the end of year podcast episode and a slight renaming of the podcast, We want to send out 2018 with a nice bang. So welcome to Part 1 of the End of Year podcast episode.

Episode 446 The Austrian Oak Episode

On this episode, we have Bob, Rob, and Stuart together again as they chat about what they have watched, whether they enjoyed it, we chat about the Austrian Oak himself Arnie, and pick our favourite films of his. We also chat New Year Resolutions and our plans in general for 2019 and beyond. All that in this FREE show, recorded for YOU and for us the hosts.

Episode 445 Stallone Sweet Home

Rob ( @scifiwales ) joins Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) on this weeks episode as we chat about what we have watched since the last show, whether or not we agree that even numbered Star Trek’s are the best, and then we leap into this weeks topic. One Mr Sylvester Stallone and what we feel are our single definitive choices for the mans work. Stuart also announces his own personal connection (or nearly) to Mr Stallone and we chat about a range of other topics that do as we do. Tangent all over the place.

Episode 444 Our Favourite Cinema Trips

With episode 444, Stuart ( @frompage2screen) , Bob (Bag0rats) and Rob (@scifiwales) gather once again. Bob hasnt watched anything but has been living life, Rob has watched a bunch of TV and Stuart has watched various movies and has some great recommendations for you and the co hosts.
We also talk about which movies we would love to have seen on the big screen (but havent), and also what our favourite cinematic experiences have been. As usual, we tangent the hell out of the show and cover a ide range of bits n pieces.

Episode 443 Learing About Woolsey Fire

In this mainly non movie related episode of the podcast, I speak with my friend, and filmmaker Neil Johnson who is and was caught up in the ongoing fires hitting the Western Coast of the US. Not so much an interview, this is a chat where i ask my friend what it was like to be caught up in the chaos, what its like now (the fires are still raging) and what life will be like once the smoke has gone.
I am so used to my usual style of podcasting, talking about films and media. This is a new type of episode for me and one that I am sad to have to put out.but i wanted to talk with Neil, make sure he was okay and Im sure youll find this episode highly interesting and educational.

Episode 442 Remembering The Past and Thinking About The Present

No Rob this week ( @scifiwales ) so its Stuart ( @frompage2screen) & Bob (Bag0Rats )
Lets play catch up on life, movies, tv and off movie related news.
We also chat war movies, Amazon dilemmas, and our thoughts go out to all those affected by the fires raging across the west coast of the USA.
A very varied episode this week but hopefully youll still find it entertaining.

Episode 441 Tony Finally Gets A Mention

Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) manages to gather Bob ( @bag0rats ) and Rob (@scifiwales ) together in the same show after a month separated. Eureka! We chat about the shows we have watched, the life we have lived, and cover a range of topics from the world of film and television. The 5 for 5 quiz finally returns with Tony Scott getting his spotlight and we hear who has seen more Tony Scott films from the list of 5.. Rob or Bob. Who do you think wins? (Stuart obviously)


Episode 440 They Live We Podcast

With Rob ( @scifiwales ) off at a Halloween party, Its down to Bob ( @Bag0Rats ) and Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) to shore this podcast up with movie planks. We cover what we have been watching on our screens and how life has been. Stuart makes a few mild tweeks to future podcasts and gets all giddy about the 4k Blurays of John Carpenter films that are due out soon, and goes through what was a wonderful Sunday by having a Double Bill of films featuring Sarah Douglas.

Episode 439 A Little Bit Of Spooktacular Podcasting

Stuart ( @frompage2screen ), Rob ( @scifiwales ) and Stu ( @Cryptictadpole) gather this week as Bobs is having an episode off. We chat about a whole range of things but as its October and Stu from The Monday Movie Show is guesting this episode, we take the time to chat about horror films more than we do. Get some great recommendations for horror films for all ages and all platforms (Netflix, Blu Ray) and sit back and enjoy this episode of the FromPage2Screen Movie Show Podcast.

Episode 438 Recording on Sunday the 14th of October.

Bobs been laid out with the ‘monkey virus’ this week so Stuart and Rob take charge and chat about the films we have watched and shows we have checked out. We also chat a bit about horror movies and Rob takes his change to quiz Stuart on his early years in the video store world.
Get well soon Bob!!!!

Episode 437 Stuarts here and Bob goes Solo

No Rob this week as he is out doing that social life thing we all read about, but Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) and Bob ( @bag0rats ) make the time fly as they talk monkey germs, films, anime, events, plans, television and whatever else springs to mind in this unscripted banter on the airwaves.
for more content check out frompage2screen on Twitter and Google and everywhere else on the 3rd Rock from the Solar Fireball, and we would love some podcast reviews which will help bump us up the podcast chain (is there an actual chain?? who knows?) Also wherever you listen from. Tell us. We are curious !!

Episode 436 And we have all watched films

Rob, Stuart and Bob gather again to find out that we have all watched films this week. What have we watched and were they any good? Stuart also tests Rob and Bob on whether they have watched 5 titles from the filmmaking CV of camera genius Michael Bay.

Episode 435 Bringing In Some Retro

Rob (@scifiwales) , Bob (@Bag0rats) and Stuart ( @frompage2screen) gather again and this episode also features Graeme ( @RetroG) as we cover how our week has been what we have watched, what we have done and then tantent into topics ranging from the new Mysteri-Box ( @BoxMysteri ), to scifi movies and what we feel is the important ingredients in them. As always, these arent structured shows, but are merely geek-centric chats that just so happen to be recorded. For your (hopefully) entertainment! Have a great week

Episode 434 Outbreak:Blame The Monkey

Stuart (@frompage2screen) , Rob ( @scifiwales )  and Bob (@Bag0Rats) gather again, and Stuart and Rob are a bit ill. But whats struck them down? Well whatever it is, its not stopping us all from podcasting and chatting about movies and life in general. So pull up a seat (virtual or otherwise) and have a listen to this episode.

Episode 433 And We Are Back

Stuart ( @frompage2screen ), Bob ( @Bag0Rats ) & Rob ( @scifiwales ) return after a week away from the land of podcasting to catch up on what they have been up to, what they have watched, and just have a fun chat (we think) about whatever takes their fancy. Of course at the heart of these chats is always the film world.

Episode 432 Lets Get Some Signed Stuff

No Bob this week, but we do have Rob from Scifi Wales, and of course, the main host Stuart ( @frompage2screen)
As this is the final episode before Robs event Scifi Wales, we catch up on a bit of news about the event before we tangent off (slightly) to talk about signed posters, signed pictures, film memorabilia and meeting celebs and how do we behave.
Before we knew it. 90 minutes had passed and an episode had been born.

Episode 431 Where we go comic con crazy again

In this weeks episode Stuart ( @frompage2screen) , Bob ( @bag0rats ) and Rob ( @scifiwales ) talk about Robs up and coming event (that Stuart is panel hosting at), but also a massive range of mini topics including film reviewers, geek walls, filming things, meeting celebs, Twitter polls, …aww hell Just listen to the show and youll hear them all. Trust me. Its a fun packed episode!!

Episode 430  The One With Project 2019

As we havent watched too many films since the last episode, Stuart, Rob and Bob come up with a list of 10 films each. But why? Well Stuart has a plan, a project and some goals for each host (including himself) for 2019. Have a listen to this show and feel free to join in. We also chat about the latest updates for this years Scifi Wales as well as some memories from past comic-cons.

Episode 429 Return of The Foutz

Its been nearly 9 months since John Foutz and Stuart chatted on the podcast, but like a bolt from the blue, John and Stuart grab some free time to have a bit of a catch up (obviously we dont cover everything we have watched in the 9 months since we spoke) but we do have a fun chat whilst John drives home from what Im sure was a hard days work.

Episode 428  After Some Tech Issues comes the great Timon Singh

After a rocky start (tech issues, not the Stallone film) We restart the chat with film fan and writer Timon Singh who hops onboard the podcast train to chat movies, villains and how he turned a ‘what if’ idea into a fully completed book that holds conversations with some of the most iconic 1980s screen villains ever. . . . .

Episode 427  Bob Watches A Film

In this episode of The Movie Show, Bob (@Bag)rats) and Stuart ( @fromapage2screen ) chat about life, and movies and what they have watched. After a week or so without watching a film. Bob shocks the world and has watched a film – but what has he watched and what did he think of it? Well find out!

Episode 426 A Guest from Wale

Joining Stuart ( @frompage2screen) and Bob ( @Bag0Rats) this week is Rob (@scifiwales) for the show. Not only do we chat about what we have been up to, Stuart is also overjoyed at being referred to as ‘The James Brown Of The Podcasting World’ on the Open Forum Radio show , but Stuart, Rob and Bob tackle the hard topic of our top 10 favourite non-blockbuster films of the years 1985-1989.

Episode 425 Lets chat about lots of stuff including Scifi Wales

This week, Stuart and Bob chat about what films Stuart has watched and which ones Bob hasnt. Stuart also gives a run down of life in general both with making his debut film Mimi, but also his up and coming panel hosting duties for the film Of God And Warriors and also hosting at Scifi Wales which he does every September. Follow the host online at @frompage2screen and also @bag0rats

Episode 424 Fractures, Movies and Stephen King Choices

Stuart ( @frompage2screen) , Bob ( @bag0rats ) and Stu Miller ( @cryptictadpole ) join forces again to chat movies, life and what they have been up to since the last time they all spoke.

Episode 423 and We Are Back

Bob and Stuart return after a little break and play catch up with movie watching and lifes adventures. Stuart also chats a little bit about his up and coming 4th appearance at the UK’s Scifi Wales Comic Con and teases some guest announcements.

Episode 422 Two Stuarts One Bob

Movie Show time again, with Bob (who didnt fall asleep this week), Stuart ( @cryptictadpole ) and Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) chatting about their favourite non huge movies from the years 1980-1984. What would your choices be?

Episode 421 Neil Johnson returns, but from where?

Where has filmmaker Neil Johnson been? Well you can find out in this special episode of The Movie Show.

Episode 420  Mimi, Life, and general chaos 

Better late than never ever. Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) and Bob ( Bag0rats ) gather again to catch up on life. We chat Lbradors, Kickstarter, Movies, and pretty much anything else that bubbles to the surface in the podcast of chat. My Kickstarter ends on May 27th 2018 and Id love to get my funding for Mimi:a short film as high as possible.

Episode 419 Back After 2 Weeks

After an unplanned gap last week, Stuart and Bob return to chat about what they have been watching, whats been going on in life (filmmaking and ankle sprains), and just generally cover a few topics including why there arent more woman directors, whats shows were cancelled too soon and pretty much anything else that springs to mind. Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) also chats a little bit about the progress of his Kickstarter which ends up on the 27th May and has broken the �£1000 barrier but still have a few hundred pounds to raise before a single minute of film can be shot. You can find him here @frompage2screen on Twitter or on Kickstarter Bob can be found on Twitter @Bag0Rats

Episode 418 The KS Episode

Stuart ( @fromoage2screen) and Bob (@Bag0rats) resume chatting about many topics including what they have been watching, what they have been doing, and we talk a little about Stuarts Kickstarter campaign to bring his film Mimi:a short film to life You can find out more here

Episode 417 Brooke Lewis and Neil Johnson

Stuart hands over the airwaves for the most, to the wonderful Brooke Lewis and the also wonderful Neil Johnson in this 2nd show of the year featuring Brooke. Ms Lewis has her scifi head on in this episode as she reunites with Mr Johnson to not only talk about life, filmmaking and scifi, but also to take a walk down memory lane and discuss the work they have done together.

Episode 416 Lets talk about His Hands with Arron and Darius

Writer/Director/Actor Arron Blake joins me for a short episode to chat about his career and his up and coming film His Hands. Ive been a fan of Arrons for a while now and it was great to have a chat with him about some of his creative projects, even if he was standing outside a train station. You can follow Arron online at @ActorArronBlake and check out his film at @HisHandsFilm. Making a cameo appearance in this episode is filmmaker/photographer Darius Shu
@dariusshu who co wrote and co directed His Hands. Thanks to Darius and Arron for taking time out to have a chat.

Episode 415 Two Weeks Since

After a gap of a couple of weeks, Bob ( @Bag0Rats) is back behind the mic with Stuart ( @FromPage2Screen) to not only catch up with what Stuart has been up to, but Bob has actually watched some films!
In this episode we cover the development of Stuart’s short film Mimi, Newcastle Film Festival tales, YouTube, Film Watching and life in general.
Running a little longer than normal but this is because we just had so much to catch up on .

Episode 414 Rejuvenation & Challenges ft Guest Brooke Lewis

Always a pleasure to chat with Brooke Lewis ( @BrookeLewisLA) and in only her 3rd appearance on the show and yet we have known each other for nearly a decade now. IN the first of two podcast episodes recorded this April, Brooke chats with Stuart ( @frompage2screen) about what shes been working on, and also what its like to work in today’s Hollywood. A fascinating chat with a fascinating and wonderfully talented woman. You can follow her on Twitter @BrookeLewis and send her lovely wishes and feedback from this show. Every time you can make someone smile, a good deed has been done.

Episode 413 One Camera Down

After a week away from podcasting (due to Stuarts attendance at the Newcastle International Film Festival) Podcasting duties resume as Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) and Bob ( @Bag0Rats) gather in the virtual world to share stories of the festival, missing cameras, films watched, and life in general.

Episode 412 Movies and Reality Movies

As well as catching up on the films that Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) has watched and the films that Bob ( @bag0rats ) might not have watched, they are joined by the grumpy critic himself Stuart Miller ( @cryptictadpole ) who together, all tackle their choices for the best documentaries out there . Get a pen and paper and make a list. Here come some recommendations!

Episode 411 The Return of Mr Rogue Warrior

As Stuart ( @frompage2screen) & Bob ( @bag0rats) gather to chat about their week. They are joined by the always welcome Mr Neil Johnson, who not only appears in the super low budget Experiencing Comic Con (made by me), but also appears, writes, directs and produces wonderful scifi films which you definitely have to see. Plus hes a good friend and loves to chat movies and share stories. So this episode is titled . The Return Of Mr Rogue Warrior (because he made a film called Rogue Warrior…see what I did there..clever huh 🙂

Episode 410 Chatting about the Oldman

Stuart ( @frompage2screen) , Bob ( @bag0rats) and Stu ( @cryptictadpole ) gather to chat Oscars, movies, and Gary Oldman, oh and a whole load of other unscripted stuff.

Episode 409 The Movie Show ft Trish n Sacha

Film Producer Patricia Rybarczyk & Director Sacha Bennett take a virtual seat on the frompage2screen sofa to talk not only about their latest film Tango One, but filmmaking in general, and as always with a frompage2screen podcast, its not too heavy on the technicalities and super relaxed and informal. I had such a fun time chatting with these 2 creative souls and im sure youll have fun listening to their tales. Patricia: @trish_ster
Sacha : @sachabennett

Episode 408  Beware the hype and ignore the slander

Bob ( @Bag0rats) and Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) gather to chat about film it good or bad and what films get hurt in the crossfire. We also chat about what we have watched since we last chatted and life in general. All good fun.

Episode 407 407 Talking Ridley

Stuart ( @frompage2screen) , Bob ( @Bag0rats) and Stu ( @cryptictadpole ) and guest Stuart ( @Leytonrocks) gather to talk about their favourite Ridley Scott films, and also life in general. We also go through some of the films we love but have only watched once, as well as those films we never tire of rewatching.

Episode 406 Going Back To Our Roots

Episode 406 of The Movie Show has its ups and its down, beginning with some sad news coming out of movie podcast The Hollywood Outsider, and then covering a range of topics including gun control, and how to fix it. But its movie talk time and Bob( @bag0rats ) and Stuart ( @frompag2screen ) discuss what films sum up their own childhood, as well as go through what films they have watched since the last show. This episode is dedicated to fellow podcaster and film geek Justin Macumber.who sadly passed away this year.

Episode 405 That 70s Movie Episode

Bob ( @bago0rats ) & Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) gather again for the evening to chat about what they have watched (or NOT as the case for Bob may be) but then delve into this weeks topic. ‘What 70s films should people rewatch that they might have forgotten about)
And in this episode we set @merlange some homework for next weeks podcast episode. Please also check out and subscribe to our youtube channel

Episode 404 The Movie Show

Stuart ( @frompage2screen) & Bob ( @Bag0Rats) join together again for this near 7 year anniversary of the podcast. We cover the films we have been watching a few topics here and there, but hey this is mainly a show where two film fanatic friends have a chat and watch movies to keep you all entertained (hope we succeed)
Many thanks to all those who have kept with me over the past 7 years of podcasting, and please do fire your feedback over to me at or Twitter Me at @frompage2screen. All feedback is welcome, especially its its positive 🙂

Episode 403 The Movie Show

Bob ( @bag0rats) ,Stu (@cryptictadpole) and Stuart ( @frompage2screen ) gather to chat about what they have watched, what they have aond and life in general in this mostly media related podcast but with a dash of daily thrown in for good measure.

Episode 402 The Movie Show

In this episode of The Movie Show, Hosts Stuart ( @frompage2screen) & Bob ( @bag0rats ) talk through their Top 5 favourite war movies. However things sort of spiral out of control when it comes to narrowing down just 5 films each, so buckle up and hit the throttle and check out this list of war movies that the two hosts have come up with.

Episode 401 The Movie Show

Bob ( @bag0rats ) & Stuart ( @frompage2screen) go through what they have watched (and Stuart has watched a LOT) and help build up your list of films and shows to watch. Two friends chatting!

Episode 400 The Movie Show

As the podcast enters the 400’s Stuart Bannerman @frompage2screen , Stu Miller (@cryptictadpole, Bob @bag0rats and Neil Johnson @morphiusfilm gather to chat movies and life in general.

Episode 399 The Movie Show

What better way to end the years worth of podcasting then an episode about podcasting (well not just podcasting) Neil Johnson (The Time War, Rogue Warrior) joins Stuart Bannerman (Experiencing Comic Con) to talk about how things have changed in the past 399 episodes of The Movie Show.

Wishing you all a very happy new year and we are very excited to record episode 400 of The Movie Show in the New Year
thank you to everyone who takes time out of their day or night to listen to our shows and please do leave feedback for us at and we promise to pay attention.

Episode 398 The Movie Show

Recorded live at scifi wales 2017, this panel features me as the host (along with co hose Rhys Jones (Whovians Series) as we chat with Doctor Who cast members
Gareth David lloyd, Sophie Aldred,Rosie Jane,Simon Fisher-Becker,Ian Hanmore,Jake Dudman,and Victoria George Yeate.

Episode 397 The Movie Show

As the end of the year creeps up, John Foutz grabs an hour to chat with Stuart about what they have been up to lately, the podcasting future, and how things are going on the film world. John will return in 2018.

Episode 396 The Movie Show

This episode was recorded at Scifi Wales 2017 where I was hosting a bunch of Q&A panels. This panel features actor Mark Dexter (Red Dwarf, Transformers:The Last Knight) and Steven Wickham (Red Dwarf, Mrs Browns Boys) and was a lot of fun to host. IN front of an audience, there I was sitting on the panel table with these two talented guys and ….well just enjoy and listen.

Episode 395 The Movie Show ft Nathan Whitehead (Composer, Beyond Skyline, The Purge Trilogy)

Some of my favourite podcast episodes to record feature guests from the film world and with that lets introduce Nathan Whitehead who might be best known for the music scores for “The Purge.” franchise, but who has a masive range whene it comes to musicl aprojects. From Keanu, to Ratchet and Clank, to the new sci fi epic Beyond Skyline. Nathan & I spend just short of an hour chatting about the career he has, and life in general. Such an interesting conversation with a super talented guy.

Episode 394 The Movie Show

After a little delay due to podcasting hosting sites, The Movie Show is back! Even better news is that another episode will be here next week. Guaranteed!!!!!!

Episode 393 The Movie Show (at Scifi Wales) featuring some of the cast of the Star Wars Saga.

Featuring Stuart Bannerman hosting this Q&A panel at this years Scifi Wales event. Gloria Garcia (The Force Awakens), John Simpkin (Return Of The jedi) and Tina Simmons (Return Of The Jedi) sit in front of an audience and chat. . . .

Episode 392 The Movie Show

Shaun OBanion is back, talking with Stuart Bannerman about their movie related lives, what they have been watching, whether they like it or now, and also covering some recent movie news. Join them as they spend some time online chatting about films and television.

Episode 391 The Movie Show

Neil Johnson (The Time War, Rogue Warrior) leaps into the cohost seat with Stuart Bannerman (Experiencing Comic Con) to chat about life and movies and moviemaking. Some great topics this episode including the insane week in movie news.

Episode 390 The Horror Show

Stu Miller & Stuart Bannerman return after what seems like an age to chat horror films. Welcome to Horror Month!!! The grisly time of year but all film fans love!.

Episode 389 The Movie Show

Neil Johnson takes a break from filming The Time War to have a catch up chat with Stuart Bannerman about all things movie related. Including a fun chat about Directors Cuts and Special features.

Episode 388 The Movie Show

Please excuse the odd glitch. I blame Johns internet, but to be fair he was driving at the time (well he was the passenger…driving n podcasting isnt a safe thing to do) But hey. John and I always have a good time podcasting so lets share this episode with you right now!!!!!!!

Episode 387 The Movie Show

This afternoon, filmmaker Neil Johnson sent me a tweet saying ‘do you want to record a show’ Well hell yes!!! I never turn down the chance to chat with Neil and so we chatted. not only because we are good friends, not only because hes always has such fun stories to tell, but also for the reason that we wanted to put out a show that would entertain you. How nice are we!!!!!

Episode 386 The Movie Show :

After a coupe of weeks away from podcasting (due to work schedules) Stuart gathers with Stu Miller to rush through the long list of films that we have watched since Episode 384, as well as chat about whats been going on in life.

Episode 385 The Movie Show

Shaun O Banion and Stuart Bannerman gather again to chat movies and life and what they have been watching and working on since they last spoke. They chat movies, Tv, movie news and filmmaking projects both past and present. Just two friends having a chat, recorded for you to enjoy!

Episode 384 The Movie Show

Stuart (@frompage2screen) & Stu (@cryptictadpole) gather again to chat about life in general and of course all things movie related.

Episode 383 The Movie Show

After a little time away doing what he does. Shaun O Banion returns to the show with Stuart Bannerman for a catch up. What have they been working on, what have they been watching? Have a listen to this episode of pure entertainment.

Episode 382 The Movie Show

John Foutz and Stuart Bannerman grab a catch up podcast to see what they have been up to. 90mins later a fun chat has concluded, and another successful podcast episode has been completed

Episode 381 The Movie Show

To celebrate the home release (in the US) of Rogue Warrior:Robot Fighter, director Neil Johnson makes a return appearance and is joined by John Foutz to chat all things life in general. As always this is an unscripted show that is just fun chat about the movie world in all regard.
Enjoy! and leave a review if you can and choose to. It would be lovely!!!!!

Episode 380 The Movie Show

There are lots of fun ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. One of them is chatting with filmmaker Neil Johnson, not only about his up and coming film Rogue Warrior:Robot Fighter, but all things movie and life related.
We chat about movies we have watched, and movies we make (and are attempting to make.) Just two friends chatting….and you get to listen in on the conversation.

Episode 379 The Movie Show


Episode 378 The Horror Show

Its been a while!! But we are back. Stuart Bannerman, and Stu Miller are joined by Geoff Harmer as he joins the show to talk about Dead Air, an insanely wonderful concept about creatures on a plane..nope not Snakes..but ….well..have a listen to the episode and learn a bit more for yourself…go on…youll enjoy it…we promise!!! You can check out the @deadairmovie details on Twitter, Snapchat, and pretty much the whole internet. Go on and say hi to Dave The Creature!!!!!

Episode 377 The Movie Show

Filmmakers Louis Taylor & Daniel Attrill join me on this show…recorded semi late on a Friday evening to have a chat about filmmaking and what we have all been working on since we last recorded together in April 2016…….

Episode 376 The Movie Show

In a last minute planned podcast episode. Stuart Bannerman is joined not only by filmmaker Neil Johnson (Rogue Warrior, The Time War) but also later in the episode by Tracey Birdsall (Rogue Warrior, Whos Jenna) as we chat about life in general and what they have been up to since we all met up at San Diego Comic Con last year.

Episode 375 The Movie Show


Episode 374 The Movie Show

In the second part of The Movie Show soundtrack special episode. Stuart shares his choices for his favourite movie score tracks of all time. Of course as is always the case in shows like this. Once you finish recording. You remember a bunch of tracks. All the tracks in this episode are available on digital and CD and were all purchased from sites such as Itunes…. lets celebrate music!!!

Episode 373 The Movie Show

John Foutz leaps onto Skype for a drive by podcasting with Stuart Bannerman. Its been a while since John and Stuart had a chat so settle down and enjoy this shorter than normal show, but no less entertaining episode.

Episode 372 The Movie Show

In this special episode, The Movie Show breaks one of its bounderies as it feature entire music tracks as hosts Shaun OBanion discusses and features some of his alltime favourite music tracks. Lets go beyond the film as we showcase some of the great scores and great musicians. All of these scores are available on Itunes or CD and we highly recommend you get them, enjoy them and talk about them. All tracks are copyrighted to the artists and this episode in no way is taking liberties with the tracks used.

Episode 371 The Movie Show

After a couple of weeks away from the microphone. Shaun oBanion is back and chatting with Stuart Bannerman. What they have watched and life in general. . .

Episode 370 The Movie Show

Not many better things for a podcaster than to get a tweet from your long time co host saying ‘hey lets do a show in half an hour’ So lets welcome back John Foutz for an extra show. As we chat movies, what we have been up to and tip the hat the sadly departed Bill Paxton.

Episode 369 The Movie Show

The Movie Show welcomes back Geoff Harmer after a 3 years gap from the podcast to chat about his new film Dead Air which is currently raising funding on Kickstarter. Check out this episode where we talk about Dead Air, its cast and the mystery guest who ……well I cant say…because Geoff wouldnt tell me …. Geoff is always fun to chat with and Dead Air sounds like a fun film to help out and watch. Find out more about Dead Air on Twitter @deadairmovie

Episode 368 The Movie Show

Shaun O Banion ( @shaun_obanion ) and Stuart Bannerman (@frompage2screen), together again chatting movies, tv, and some fun tales from inside the film world )courtesy of the awesome Shaun!!!!!

Episode 367 The Movie Show

This episode is a little mix (not the band) of horror and regular movies as Stu Miller ( @cryptictadpole) and Stuart (@frompage2screen) get together in the virtual world to chat all things film. Ranging from Trainspotting 2, to Resident Evil 6, to Evil Aliens and full size assault rifle props. Check out this episode the 366 that precede it (although you can listen in any order you choose!!!)