Season 3 of Spending Time With…

Writer/Director J M Stelly

(The Demonologist)

Season 2 of Spending Time With…

Actress Judy Matheson

Lust For A Vampire, Blakes 7




Actress Francesca Louise White

King of Crime, Slasher House 2




Writer/Director Kristian A. Söderström





Writer/Director David LG Hughes

Hard Boiled Sweets, Of Gods and Warriors




Filmmaker Max Morrison

The Firm (Short Film)



Filmmaker, Actor, Author: Stephen Kogon

Dance, Baby, Dance



Producer Jonathan Sothcott

Vendetta, The Krays:Dead Man Walking




Actor/Producer Chris Newman

Batman v Superman, Reel Steel)

 Filmmaker Mark Brown

Guardians, Stained.



Filmmaker Mark Heidelberger

The Basement


Season 1 of Spending Time With…

Actor, Producer, Writer Chris Dinh.adfe3285ae3ba465938a84208d0637f6

(Comfort, Bad Night, Asian Stories, Numbers, Jericho)


Actor Nicola Posener

(Age Of The Living Dead, Mythica)


Filmmaker/Writer Fraser Coull

(Night Is Day, Cops and Monsters




Filmmaker David Ryan Keith

(Ghosts of Darkness, The Redwood Massacre)




Filmmaker James Cullen Bressack

(Bethany, Hate Crime, 13/13/13/)



Director Keith Sutliff

(The Mason Brothers)



Actor, Writer, Producer Stefanie Estes

(Bethany, The Bunnyman Massacre)




Actor Kris Johnson

(Hooligan Legacy, Welcome To The Punch, Undercover Hooligan)




.Producer, Actor, Lucinda Rhodes-Thakrar

(Undercover Hooligan, Transhuman)





Actor,Editor, Producer, Director John Foutz

(Dirt Cheap Therapy, Art of Confession)



Actor Tami Stronach

(The Neverending Story, Ultra Low)




Writer/Director Ian Truitner

(Beyond The Trek)


Writer-Director Keir Burrows

(Anti Matter)


Writer/Producer/Director Frank Merle



Director Can Evreno

(Baskin, Housewife)



Director Marko Mäkilaakso

(It Came From The Desert)

Writer Director Matt Mitchell

(The Rizen)