Actress Taisha Perez

(TV’s The Passage)




Neil Johnson (Rogue Warrior:Robot Fighter, The Time War)



Tracey Birdsall (The Time War, Whos Jenna)




Actor Justin K Hayward

13 Graves, Adventure Boyz





Writer/Actress Michelle Eastern

(Final Score, Star Wars: The Force Awakens)




Writer/Director Mark Stirton

(Dark Highlands)



Actor Aaron Jacques

(The Time War, Starship Rising)




Filmmaker Shaun OBanion 

(The Matrix Reloaded, Sim1one, The Automatic Hate)




Screenwriter Phil Clarke





Producer/Director SJ Evans 


(Dead Of The Nite, Tattoos, A Scarred History)



Writer/Director Shaun R Robinson

(Thats Not A Knife)


Writer/Director J M Stelly

(The Demonologist)




Actress Tania Lamata

Retribution, Eye For An Eye




Actress Judy Matheson

Lust For A Vampire, Blakes 7




Actress Francesca Louise White

King of Crime, Slasher House 2




Writer/Director Kristian A. Söderström





Writer/Director David LG Hughes

Hard Boiled Sweets, Of Gods and Warriors




Filmmaker Max Morrison

The Firm (Short Film)



Filmmaker, Actor, Author: Stephen Kogon

Dance, Baby, Dance



Producer Jonathan Sothcott

Vendetta, The Krays:Dead Man Walking




Actor/Producer Chris Newman

Batman v Superman, Reel Steel)

 Filmmaker Mark Brown

Guardians, Stained.



Filmmaker Mark Heidelberger

The Basement



Actor, Producer, Writer Chris Dinh.adfe3285ae3ba465938a84208d0637f6

(Comfort, Bad Night, Asian Stories, Numbers, Jericho)


Actor Nicola Posener

(Age Of The Living Dead, Mythica)


Filmmaker/Writer Fraser Coull

(Night Is Day, Cops and Monsters




Filmmaker David Ryan Keith

(Ghosts of Darkness, The Redwood Massacre)




Filmmaker James Cullen Bressack

(Bethany, Hate Crime, 13/13/13/)



Director Keith Sutliff

(The Mason Brothers)





Writer, Producer Stefanie Estes

(Bethany, The Bunnyman Massacre)


Actor Kelley Costigan

(High Heels and Low Lifes)




Actor Kris Johnson

(Hooligan Legacy, Welcome To The Punch, Undercover Hooligan)




.Producer, Actor, Lucinda Rhodes-Thakrar

(Undercover Hooligan, Transhuman)





Actor,Editor, Producer, Director John Foutz

(Dirt Cheap Therapy, Art of Confession)



Actor Tami Stronach

(The Neverending Story, Ultra Low)




Writer/Director Ian Truitner

(Beyond The Trek)


Writer-Director Keir Burrows

(Anti Matter)


Writer/Producer/Director Frank Merle



Director Can Evreno

(Baskin, Housewife)



Director Marko Mäkilaakso

(It Came From The Desert)

Writer Director Matt Mitchell

(The Rizen)