Mini Reviews

Whilst sometimes I of course will create (what I call) lengthy reviews and thoughts of a film or show, sadly I dont have the time to be able to do this for all the films I see. So why not create this page here ‘Mini Reviews which will allow me to create bite size thoughts and reviews about every film I see.  Its still the early stages so Im not totally sure how I want this page to look or whether in fact it will work at all, but with all the things I do. I will try them and see if they fly.

Id love your help though and want to hear your comments on the films I watch. Do you agree with my thoughts? Do you think Im out of my mind? What did you think of the film? Tell me and lets chat.

 Whilst the Mini Reviews will go out as their own articles. I will also keep an ‘index’ here for you, just in case you want to find something good to watch.