Donate (Paypal Link)

Whilst I did run a successful campaign in May 2018 to raise funding for Mimi:A Short Film, this then decided to expand itself into 2 more Mimi films, as well as development of a feature length film (currently titled One Night Reservation) as well as an extra short film (currently titled B.T) The scripts are all completed, the wonderful camera equipment is all purchased, and the majority of the cast, crew and locations are secured. However as any filmmakers know. sometimes there are overruns and things going out of the woodwork that not only did you now plan for but of course werent budgeted for, Which has happened to me and my films.

Any donations are welcomed and very much appreciated, I dont care how small they are, they are appreciated and I will be putting my money into the films also (as I have been for various things in this production) but I could do with a little help.

Below, is my Paypal link which is highly secure and will store any funds that I raise (or rather that you donate) and this money is going towards the Primary Location for one of the films. It has jumped from £100 a night, to £180 a night (I need the location for 3 nights in June) and want to get this location booked up before it does out of availability as it did for the April dates I was originally planning for.

Help Support all the work I do here at (as well as the work on do on my various social media pages) and of course the podcasts that I have been hosting since 2012.

Its highly appreciated