Girl On A Rocking Horse, by Petra Bryant ( @PetraBryant ) #supportindiefilm

Anna (played by Petra Bryan) arrives to London for the first time in her life after leaving her Czech Republic home , Anna doesn’t know anybody in the big city. Anna’s finances might be near to zero , but her head is full of dreams and the ambition to realise them. With Anna’s idea of London being pulled from the glossy pages of fashion magazines. Reality is about to hit her square n real life.

Written and Directed by Petra Bryant, (who has done a wonderful job in the directing chair in this, her directing debut)  this 23 minute TV film tells us the backstory of Anna as we flash back to her trip to the UK, and forward to present day London so we can see how she is doing with her adventures. In this fun quirky film, it has a fun feel of a Sex & The City style show which has so much scope for future episodes of the show taking us along with Anna and the characters she meets. Some nice characters, some not so much.

Whilst I dont know if there are plans for future episodes of Girl On A Rocking Horse, I can but hope and do welcome them if they appear. Petra has assembled a fun cast (including Adrian Annis (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows), and Jan Anderson (The Fitzroy) and with more episodes of the show, this world will keep building and keep entertaining.

Girl On A Rocking Horse is now available on Amazon Prime.



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