Win the Plan B ( @PlanBEntUK ) Dual Format blu ray release of the classic The Boston Strangler #competition #competitiontime

To celebrate the debut of the Tony Curtis classic film The Boston Strangler on UK blu ray, and Plan B Entertainment bring you the change to win a copy of the film on blu ray. How? Well its easy. What you need to do is email and tell me the name of one other film that Plan B Entertainment have released this year. Pick one, any one. and let me know. Now there are a few ways you can find that answer out, but the easiest ways are to head to Plan B’s Twitter page here  (     )   or their Facebook page here (      )

Richard Fleischer (10 Rillington Place) directs this 1968 adaptation of Gerold Frank s book about the real-life case of The Boston Strangler, a serial killer who terrorized Boston, murdering at least 13 women and defying the efforts of a special division headed by John S. Bottomly (played by Henry Fonda) to catch him. Then the police zero in on Albert DeSalvo (played by Tony Curtis), a normal family man who may be suffering from a split personality.

Following from previous great releases, Plan B shows no sign of showing less love to the films they release, by featuring some great special features in this release with this UK Blu ray premiere. Check out this list of features and then head over to Amazon to pre-order one of the classic films of the 60s and one of the classic films of all time. If I recall correctly. This is the first film ever to have used a split screen.

You can pre-order the film (if you dont win it that is) by heading over to Amazon and searching The Boston Strangler, and look for the Plan B release with the cover included in this article.

You can also find the direct link here

The competition is open to UK entrants only and the closing date for the email answers is the 3rd of November (that way if you dont win, you can still order this glorious edition of one of the best true crime films around)

Many thanks to Plan B Entertainment for the prize donation

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