Pre-Order ‘Bill Duke: My 40-Year Career on Screen and behind the Camera’ By the man himself ( @realbillduke ) #books #movies

I normally dont normally cover too much book news on my site or audio shows. Not because I dont love books, but because for me it takes a couple of hours to watch a film, but takes me a week or five to read through a book (im not a slow reader or anything, thats all just down to my time management)  However I do love reading, but more than that. I love reading about films, filmmakers, and the careers and the journey an individual has taken to become the creative wonder that i know nowadays. Im currently reading The True Adventures Of The Worlds Greatest Stuntman, by Vic Armstrong, who has appeared in so many films risking his life to give film geeks like me, the very best entertainment around. Great book if you want to know what goes into the career of a stuntman, why not learn from one of the best.

But anyways, im digressing somewhat. Last night I was on Twitter (as I often am) and I saw some tweets from Bill Duke. Now if you arent family with Bill Duke, then firstly, you will be familiar with him, you just might not have known his name.Then let me bring you up to speed. This guy is so multi talented. His acting credits include classics such as Predator, Menace 2 Society, Bird On A Wire, American Gigolo, Payback, but might be best known onscreen for his role as Cooke in the 1985 Arnie film Commando. Bill however has a huge ton of acting roles that are too lengthy to list here. Needless to say, if for any reason you dont know his name, then you will know his work.

Bill Duke is also a wonderful film director having made films such as A Rage In Harlem, Created Equal, The Cemetery Club and the fantastic Deep Cover (starring Jeff Goldblum in one of his best roles)  Television wise, Bill also has worked on episodes of shows such as The Twilight Zone, Cagney & Lacey, Knots Landing, and Crime Story.  What has all this got to do with books you might wonder? Well wonder no more. Bill Duke has found time in between acting, producing and directing to put together  Bill Duke: My 40-Year Career on Screen and behind the Camera, a book due for release this November in hardback.

In this autobiography, Bill is said to recall the great times but also not shy away from pitfalls that he has faced (and successfully crossed over) in this lengthy career that he has .We will also learn some of the pivotal moments in his career and by ttne end of the book, im sure we will love and admire than man even more than we do now. I put out a tweet last night, tagging Bill into it, and within a few minutes we had a brief chat on Twitter. It was the first time I had spoken to him and even though I had no reason to think otherwise. Im very happy to report that Bill Duke is such a pleasant, well mannered lovely guy.

I for one will be pre-ordering his book and come November, when it arrives through my letterbox, I will begin following the journey of one of the screens most impressive actors.

You can pre-order the book for the UK here on Amazon (Kindle or Hardback)    or in the USA you can order if here (Hardcover or Kindle) 

Many thanks to Bill for taking the time to write the book and work as hard as you do.

For updates, you can follow Bill Duke on Twitter at



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