Get the complete series. Out now – YURI!!! ON ICE COMPLETE SERIES #Anime from Sony Pictures and Funimation ( @FUNimation)

I havent watched too much Anime, and cant tell the difference between Manga and Anime. I always found the world of Eastern animation a bit overwhelming, with long running series that features dozens and sometimes hundreds of episodes split into way too many volumes for me to follow or even attempt to catch up on. However that I know, is a failing of mine and mine alone.So I decided to at least dip my toe in the water of Japanese storytelling with this newly release series. Yuri On Ice: The Complete Series, and what a fun adventure it was and is. Split over two discs and totalling 12 episodes (each one running just over 20 minutes), I was able to catch up on this show in a single day.  Japanese figure skater Yuri Katsuki faces a crushing defeat during the Grand Prix finals and heads home, unsure of whether or not he wishes to continue his skating career and after a video of Yuri mimicking Russian figure skater Victor Nikiforov’s routine goes viral, Victor decided to become Yuri’s coach. Sounds very Rocky’ish in some ways and it is a hugely fun underdog story, told with beautiful animation of various styles, the story and dialogue is wonderful quirky but most of all the entire series is fun…yes fun. So often I believed most anime was a serious effort and whilst im sure there is a lot of that out there, my first venture into an anime series was pure joy and had me enticed within moments of the opening episode. Who would have thought that an animated series about ice skating could be a joy to watch for someone who pretty much spends his time watching indie films, psychological thrillers, scifi epics and horror films…but it was and is. Now the question is. What animated series do I check out next as I have completed Yuri On Ice?


Bring home the anime that was born to make history!



On DVD and Blu-ray™ Combo Pack October 8th



One thought on “Get the complete series. Out now – YURI!!! ON ICE COMPLETE SERIES #Anime from Sony Pictures and Funimation ( @FUNimation)

  1. “cant tell the difference between Manga and Anime”

    It’s not hard – manga is the printed comics; anime is the animated version. 😉

    As for recommendations, that is not so easy because as you know, anime covers all sorts of genres, subgenres and styles. What thrills one person will bore another. Take a look at my site (cheeky plug) and see if anything in the anime review section floats your boat! 😛


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