HEATHERS 30th Anniversary 4K Restoration is on Arrow DVD and Blu-ray now. ( @arrowfilmsvideo )

I cant recall the exact date that I first watched the film Heathers, however I do recall I watched it on VHS (ah the days of plastic tapes that were the size of paperback books)  and I had rented it from my local video store (which has now gone) I had been a fan of Christian Slaters work having seen him previously in the films In The Name Of The Rose, and The Legend Of Billie Jean, so why on earth wouldn’t I check out the latest film of his. Plus I was really into the John Hughes films and other films set in American High Schools and Heathers fitted perfectly into that ‘genre’

I really enjoyed the film at the time and for one reason or another, I haven’t seen the film since the late 80s, until this week. Why this week? Well its all thanks to Arrow Video and their never ending dedication to taking films from my youth, revamping them with glorious picture and sound quality as well as piling on the extras.  Heathers has returned to those who havent seen it for a while and also here for new audiences with its gorgeous 30th Anniversary 4K Restoration

HEATHERS (1988) is coming to special edition DVD and Blu-ray from 10th September.  Directed by Michael Lehmann (American Horror Story, Hudson Hawk), written by Daniel Waters (Batman Returns, Hudson Hawk), and starring Winona Ryder (Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Girl, Interrupted, Stranger Things, Little Women), Christian Slater (True Romance, Mr. Robot, Pump Up the Volume, The Name of the Rose), Shannen Doherty (Charmed, Beverly Hills, 90210, Mallrats, Little House on the Prairie), Lisanne Falk (Say Anything…, Less Than Zero, Night on Earth) and Kim Walker(The Outsiders, Matlock, Highway to Heaven, Say Anything…). Well you’ve heard who made it and who is in it, but what is the film about and more importantly, is it any good?

Firstly, lets tell you what Heathers is about. In order to get out of the snobby clique that’s destroying her good-girl reputation, intelligent teen Veronica – played by Winona Ryder in one of her most memorable roles – teams up with a dark sociopath, J.D. (a career-best Christian Slater) in a plot to kill the cool kids in what became one of the 1980s’ defining cult classics. Is it any good? Well hell yes! If you are a fan of the 80s films such as The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Beetlejuice,Fast Times at Ridgemont High and pretty much any teen style film that came out between 1982-1988 then Heathers will be for you, Christian Slater is in full Jack Nicholson mode, all moody and dark and is a great contrast to the over hairsprayed ”Heathers’ with their desire to have all high school pupils bowing at their feet and worshiping there every move. But as you’ll soon realize. JD wont bow down to anyone in a popularity contest and very dark results ensue.

The restoration by Arrow is beautiful and whilst the film itself isnt special effect heavy, the film still very much benefits from the picture restoration.

 Special Feature wise theres a full length audio commentary by director Michael Lehmann, producer Denise Di Novi and writer Daniel Waters
as well as a newly filmed interview with  Lehmann, also add to the a newly filmed featurette by the writer, actor and comedian John Ross Bowie  and some other featurettes which all add up to a great overview of the making of the film as well as getting to know some of the cast and crew.

So go treat yourself, you can thank me later.

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