Putting together the ‘PARATROOPER’ World War II Drama Series Pilot #supportindiefilm #indiegogo

Wandering around the internet and social media pages, as I often do. Its great when I stumble across (or am pointed in the right direction of) new projects in whatever stage of production or development they happen to be in. Earlier today I saw a posting of someones who mentioned a film they appeared in as an extra and got to chatting with him about that film. During that chat, Paratrooper came up and so I found their page on Indiegogo and saw that they not only look very interesting but they also have around a month left to raise what I class as a hefty amount ( £265,000) to film their pilot episode. Now I say ‘hefty’ amount because all the things I plan to shot and have filmed so far have all been set now, involved no props or specially made costumes, feature the cast that you could count on one hand and still have 2 or 3 fingers to spare, so perhaps £265,000 isnt a hefty amount to shoot a film like ‘Paratrooper’ But I am in serious danger of digressing.

The story of ‘Paratrooper’ depicts the journey of Private Sidney Cornell up until the end of D-Day, June 6th, 1944. and is described as a gripping, action-packed drama with a focus on historical accuracy and detail that will act as a launch for the television series which will cover more stories of different individuals who either served in or were connected to Airborne Forces in WW2 and the battles in which they fought. So if you are a fan of shows such as Band Of Brothers, and The Pacific then this sounds like its definitely for you (which means its also for me. I love Band Of Brothers and The Pacific)

Two of the producers behind this project are Tony Fadil and Alex Tabrizi,who have said the following (on the pilots official Indiegogo page)

We both work in film production full time and we’re here to tell you all about this new exciting project where we’ve joined forces with writer/director and historical enthusiast Lance Nielsen along with a number of other industry professionals who are equally passionate to make this important untold story of real-life heroism, a reality. There is no doubt that our project is ambitious but we are the right team for this job and we’re giving you, the public, who care as passionately about these stories and their historical accuracy as we do, the chance to be directly involved in its creation! Your assistance will enable us to complete the pilot episode which will not only be a stand-alone film in its own right but will also accompany our pitch package to aid us in our goal to see the series commissioned by one of our target broadcast networks. ‘Nothing is impossible!’ is our motto! 


Click on the Indiegogo banner here to head to their page and if you cant donate, then you can retweet (or you can donate and retweet, or share across your social platforms) Whilst the campaign does have a long way to go, they have every faith and with determination, and strength they will be victorious

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