Apprentice to Murder reissued in glorious 2k from Arrow Video ( @ArrowFilmsVideo )

Whilst you’ll know a lot of films that Donald Sutherland has starred in, Apprentice To Murder isn’t one of the films on most peoples list, now that doesn’t mean its a bad film, it just doesn’t seem to surface too much in the conversations of film geeks  But is it worth checking out. Well yes is the answer, and perhaps when you’ve watched it, then do talk about it to your fellow film geek friends. Arrow Video are great at not only giving us wonderful reissues of the classics but also at helping films resurface such as Apprentice to Murder and this bluray should be a great addition to your collection with its picture and audio restoration and the special features list.

  In early twentieth-century Pennsylvania Dutch Country, young Billy Kelly (played by Chad Lowe, Highway to Hell (The Younger Brother of 80s star Rob)) falls in with a charismatic “powwower” or folk magic healer, Dr John Reese (played by Donald Sutherland, Don’t Look Now), shunned by the rest of the community for his non-conformist beliefs. Together, they investigate the mysterious sickness that is blighting the area, which Reese believes to be the work of a sinister local hermit. But as the plague spreads and the wide-eyed Billy falls ever deeper under Reese’s spell, are they doing God’s work or the Devil’s bidding?

Also starring Mia Sara (from Ridley Scott’s Legend) and featuring a powerhouse performance by Donald Sutherland – reunited here with Don’t Look Now screenwriter Allan Scott — Apprentice to Murder is a chilling and unforgettable tale of the macabre that blurs the lines between conventional notions of “good” and “evil”.

I really do like this film, its subtle, its attractive, its well acted and the story keeps us entertained through its run time. Does it end up on my top ten films of the year list? No. But not every film should end up as being the best of the year, and not every film can, but its still a worthwhile viewing for fans of cinematic films (and lets face it. Donald Sutherland roles are always great to watch.

You can purchase the special edition blu ray of Apprentice to Murder from all good retailers (or from sites such as Amazon)


Brand new 2K restoration of the film from the original 35mm interpositive
High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
Original lossless mono soundtrack
Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
New audio commentary by author and critic Bryan Reesman
New video interview on religious horror cinema with Kat Ellinger, author and editor-in-chief of Diabolique Magazine
New video interview with cinematographer Kelvin Pike
New video interview with makeup supervisor Robin Grantham
Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Haunt Love

Out on Bluray August 20th 2018

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