Bringing back the world of Sienna. A new announcement by Neil Johnson ( @morphiusfilm ) Tracey Birdsall ( @traceybirdsall1 ) and Jesus Figueroa @Thisfunktional

Whilst anyone who listens to my audio podcasts (The Movie Show by FromPage2Screen), or who reads this site, or who follows one of my several social media channels will know. Im a fan of the work that indie filmmakers do and love to learn new bits of information, share it with others and help that film making train move forward into great new destinations. Whilst I do talk about a lot of different film makers and films, I also follow a shorter list of people and focus on every project they do and take great pleasure in sharing that news to the part of the world that pays attention to me (and many thank you to you all!) Two of those filmmakers are Tracey Birdsall and Neil Johnson who I have not only met (but its been too long since I met them)  Anyone who listens to my shows or reads the site will know my love for their film Rogue Warrior:Robot Fighter (released in 2017), which told the story of Sienna (played by Tracey Birdsall) a rebellious robot-fighting arms dealer, living on post-apocalyptic Planet Earth.  The film was written and directed by Neil Johnson and was so much excitement and fun right across the board, from the story to the film, to the cast to the release and even the poster design. Pure love went into that film and it shows One of my favourite films of last year.

But when a great film comes out, whilst it wonderful to watch, theres also a little bit of sadness for me as I realize that its going to be a few years before I get to see a new film from the same crew, or a film that features those same characters and as a film geek, sometimes its hard to be patient. So you move on and chat about other films, and focus on something else, biding your time until you dont have to be patient anymore and a new film comes out featuring your favorite cinematic friends. Well that time is nearly here as this morning I saw a tweet put out by @Thisfunktional which shows the picture that you can see above this block of text. Its made my morning and it looks like I dont have to be as patient as I thought I might have to be, to wait and see more adventures of Sienna (played once again by Tracey Birdsall)

Age Of Darkness:Evolution War is coming and will take us back into Sienna’s world for new adventures and showcase once again the film making skills of Mr Neil Johnson and his cast.  Whilst not much is known about the story, what we do know is a disgraced war criminal is forced to raise an army of Machines to battle mysterious creatures taking over the earth. There you go, thats as much as I know about the plot at the moment, but im okay with that. Its enough to keep me going until further announcements are released.

Reading through the article in the magazine, it does state that  Evolution War is becoming a series however it doesn’t state whether this means a series that may be shown on television, or a series of films. The plot thickens but this is part of the exciting journey of a film geek. The speculation, the hopes, the waiting and biding your time until your questions are answered.However either way, be it small screen or big screen, the thought of a series…yes lets say that again. a SERIES of stories expanding the world of Neil Johnson’s mind and the characters he creates is a wonderful future and it gets me very excited

Adding into the wonderful cast mix, the ever talented Brooke Lewis (Starship Rising, The Sinatra Club), Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks, Alien Armageddon), Tony Gibbons (Doctor Who), Vishani Miller (D.C Yuppies), there is definitely a lot of talent in front of the camera as well as behind the lens itself. So a lovely news scoop for Jesus Figueroa @Thisfunktional and wonderful news for sci fin fans (and film fans in general)  and many thanks to the cast and crew for all the hard work they do to give film fans like me hours of entertainment.

More announcements soon (hopefully)






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