KSI: CAN’T LOSE An extraordinary look at the life of YouTube sensation KSI

Step into the world of KSI, one of the UK’s biggest YouTube stars, as he prepares to step into the ring for a sporting event like no other. The incredible story of the build-up to one of the biggest boxing bouts of 2018, KSI: CAN’T LOSE debuts on Digital Download 10th August 2018 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Afterparty Studios.

In February 2018 over twenty million people in twenty four hours tuned in to watch an unforgettable fight after a feud between YouTube’s KSI and YouTuber Joe Weller turned sour. In this never-before-told story, cameras are granted access all areas in the lead up and aftermath that followed revealing KSI’s epic journey from content creator to history maker. Dubbed by a divided crowd as the underdog, the 70 minute documentary follows KSI in the days and weeks ahead of the iconic fight providing fans with an intimate insight into his relentless training regime also revealing the major elements that compose his public persona: self-confidence, determination, authenticity, and even ego.
Created by long time friend and fellow YouTuber Callux and his production company After Party Studios, the film gets right to the heart of the blood, sweat, and determination that enabled KSI’s incredible transformation from YouTuber to boxer. Plus, experience unmissable content including a fly-on-the-wall look inside the changing rooms before and after the fight, hilarious bloopers, and a body language expert analysing how KSI is really feeling right ahead of the next fight.

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