Bring your own game to life with sandbox platformer MagiCats Builder – now available on Steam, Android, and iOS

Dreamz Studio’s MagiCats Builder – a game that allows players to create their very own 2D levels though a visual coding engine – is launching today 🙂

Gamers of all ages can design and build a beautifully-animated platformer just like Rayman and Wonder Boy for FREE on desktop PCs and mobile devices – starting with SteamiOS, and Android.

Drag-and-drop to your heart’s content, define behaviors (boss patterns and more) – and place hazards/platforms in a simple, user-friendly manner. MagiCats Builder also includes a virtually infinite number of user-created levels for those long, sleepless summer nights. Talented designers are encouraged to share their best work with the community and join in on the fun!

In MagiCats Land, coding was a long-forgotten, mysterious skill – an elegant tool for a more civilized age. But the moment Caramel the Cat embraced the power of code, he was instantly transformed into a MagiCat – determined to master the art of coding to share it with the world! Caramel soon gets busy populating the entire world with his creations – but he begins to grow bored … and turns to his fellow MagiCats for help. And lo and behold, this elite group of MagiCats all begin building “Catstructions” together – challenging one another to gather characters and create bigger and better Catstructions. Every MagiCat that plays a Catstruction gets rewarded by the International Confurderation of MagiCat Amusement (ICMA for the insiders) for encouraging other MagiCats to get out and exercise. Competition is fierce: Outstanding Catstructions are ranked based on popularity on a weekly basis – and as you’d expect, all MagiCats long to be #1 on the list.

Join an epic 2D sandbox platformer adventure.

Create custom levels where only your imagination is the limit.

Customize anything and everything using a simple coding tool.

Enjoy colorful, hand-drawn environments.

Test your customized game design in real time.

Share your creations with the world and challenge friends.

Explore a huge number of levels created by the community.

Create and compete with friends in 2-4 multiplayer mode.

After eight months on Steam Early Access, French developer Dreamz Studio collected and implemented a lot of valuable feedback from the community. Thanks to invested players and their amazing creations, the launch build is a vast improvement over the Early Access release:

More challenging enemies

Beautiful new environments

Additional creation capabilities

More powerful character abilities

Tons of new character skins

2-4 player multiplayer mode

Greatly improved graphics

Smooth 60fps gameplay!

MagiCats Builder is now available for FREE on Steam (Mac/Windows), Android, and iOS. The game includes in-app purchases.


Google Play:

App Store:

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