Moving In: The Pilot Episode, my thoughts ( @movinginsitcom1 )

There are so many ‘web series’ out there and so little time. Plus the added downside that most of the web series out there are indie made, which isnt a downside, but it just means that the only real way for the ‘word’ to spread is by people watching it and talking about it and recommending them to their friends and social media channels. There are so many web series out there that I want to start reviewing some of them over time. Now that doesnt mean if you have a web series that you fire links over to me but please to tweet me a link to your Twitter account or your pilot episode and I might find some spare time (which I lack) to give it a watch and share my views. I do struggle from too much to watch and not enough time, so you wont get any false promises from me that Ill 100% watch your show. However, I have some spare time today so I checked out the near 14 minute pilot episode for Moving In.

We enter the story with Emily (played by  Kayleigh-Jade West  ) moving into a new flat, having a look around her new place,and then taking a shower. From then we meet the other two flatmates Amy (played by Kayleigh-Page Rees ) and Will (played by  Ashok Lynn-Bertoli ) who have an intro to Emily that would make us all cringe and there the fun begins.

The show seems to be fun, with the 3 leads bouncing off each other with snappy dialogue and fun awkwardness. Out of all the characters, Amy is definately the crazy one of the bunch with Will being the dry humoured ingredient to this fun web series casserole of characters and with perfectly decent camera work (non flashy camera moves) which fits the story 100%, the series seems to be pretty well put together by the cast and crew.

Of course this was just the pilot episode, so for my thoughts on Moving In, I wont go super in depth, because I dont need to, but I will definitely be checking out Episode 2 as soon as I can.



Created by Zandie Thornton

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