Porportion Productions ( @porportionprod ) unveil two more films to shoot in 2018 #supportindiefilm

The never slowing down crew at Proportion Productions have announced another two films for their future slate. First comes Muscle Flex which as yet has no director attached (or at least not an announced one) and is being produced by Scott Jeffrey & Rebecca Matthews. With the only announced cast member (but a  super talented actress) Becca Hirani will be onscreen in this tale of a northern farmer’s sexuality and beliefs will be tested when she meets a older lady. Muscle Flex promises to be a story of forbidden love, questioning sexuality and a thought provoking tale. Muscle Flex is expected to begin shooting in summer 2018 with a festival release also planned.

Next up for the non sleeping Proportion Production team is Crowded Places which features Kate Lister (Fox Trap)  as a lady diagnosed with a rare disease who slowly begins to see her world crumble.The film is said to be a metaphorical project with hidden messages and meanings, and a pure tug at the heart strings,

Sounds like yet another busy year for Proportion Productions and I wish them all the very best.

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