Plan B ( @PlanBentuk ) launches with this James Stewart classic film on BluRay/DVD Monday 26th February. Check out Broken Arrow

Lately Ive been going back and watching either some of the classic films that I haven’t seen, but also some of the classics that I haven’t seen (for years), so whenever I see a distribution label that brings classic films to my attention, I always check them out and see what they have to offer.  Broken Arrow (no, not the John Woo film) is a Jimmy Stewart starring film from 1950 which is set in 1870, 10 years into the war between settlers and Cochise’s Apaches. Ex-soldier Tom Jeffords (played by James Stewart) saves the life of an Apache boy and starts to wonder if Indians are human, after all; soon, he determines to use this chance to make himself an ambassador and against all odds, his solitary mission into Cochise’s stronghold opens a dialogue between the two warring sides..

Plan B will apparently be specializing in blu ray/DVD dual format releases with many classics planned. The first being this Delmer Daves directed western. I wish them all the very best and will very much be keeping an eye on their forthcoming release list.

You can pre-order Broken Arrow on Amazon, and ive even been nice enough to place the link here for you.

Give Plan B a follow and feedback at the following social media links.

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