What its like ‘Spending Time With…Tracey Birdsall’ ( @traceybirdsall1 )

This poster has such fond memories for me. It not only reminds me of a great, fun film that I have watched, reviewed, talked about and followed through its production, but it also introduced me to some of its cast and crew at San Diego Comic Con in 2016 (crikey, has it been that long). Attending San Diego Comic Con was always a dream of mine and also allowed me to film the final sections to my own fan film ‘Experiencing Comic Con’ which you can find online to watch for free. Great memories. However one of many highlights of those times, was being able to sit down not only with film maker Neil Johnson (Starship Rising, Rogue Warrior:Robot Fighter) but also with the star of Rogue Warrior, Tracey Birdsall who I had already swapped many tweets with online and who graciously replied to them all (thanks Tracey!) Now around the time I was completing the filming of Experiencing Comic Con, I was also putting together an ‘interview’ type series called Spending Time With… that I hoped to begin filming in 2017 (but ended up beginning in 2016, thanks to Tracey and Neil) 

So, one evening during SDCC (San Diego Comic Con), Neil, Tracey, Annette (my wonderful partner) and myself all gathered at what I can only describe as a glorious vineyard type location to sit down and film the first episode of the series ‘Spending Time With…Tracey Birdsall’  Was I nervous? Yes of course. This ‘conversational film’ was unscripted and was with someone I had not met before, so of course I was nervous. But how did the ‘conversation’ and the film go. Well personally speaking I think it went wonderfully and I was given a great insight into what it was like to work on epic sci fi films, as well as films of other genres and Tracey made me fully at ease and never once balked at any question I asked. She was and is such a lovely talented woman and one of the most hard working actors (or actress if you prefer) around. She has become not only one of my favourite actors around but also a great friend.

Googling Tracey Birdsalls name brings up news stories that sadly dont relate to her wonderful work in films such as The Time War, or Whos Jenna, or Rogue Warrior (but those stories are out there), googling her name at the moment brings up the more sinister side of humanity and that makes me sad. Looking on social media you will also see people commenting on things that they dont know about, and making comments that are not only very wrong, but also quite upsetting for me to read as a fan of Traceys, but also saddening to read as a fan of films and those who make them. So what I wanted to do is to show you Tracey Birdsall. Unscripted, unrehearsed and to show you what its like…Spending Time With…Tracey Birdsall .



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