An independent look at how Call Of Duty conquered the world… @CODumentary2017

An independent look at how Call Of Duty conquered the world…

I checked out CODumentray today which is a wonderful independent film that takes a look at how the Call Of Duty franchise took on all-comers and became one of the largest global entertainment franchises of all time, Whilst CODUMENTARY arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and digital platforms from September 19th, I was lucky enough to be able be given an advance viewing courtesy of Devolver Digital Films and Fizz Pictures and the filmmakers themselves.

A feature length project that spans more than 16 years from the start of the Call Of Duty ‘universe’ and including input and insight from game developers, countless fans of varying  passion, a ton of industry experts and professional esports players from around the globe, CODUMENTARY sees writer, director and producer Jonathan Beales brilliantly examine the state of play as rival developers raced to create a generation-defining gaming experience at the start of the noughties. From the birth of Infinity Ward’s original Call Of Duty taking the spoils, the stars were then aligned for COD: Modern Warfare to take things to the next level…and taking us right through to 2017. CODumentary isnt just a film for COD obsessives, this is a film for those who have an interest in anything creative,be it as a writer, a filmmaker or even someone that has a passion for something shared by a massive amount of people across the globe. CODumentary was a wonderful breathe of fresh air, giving us something different, yet also reminding us of the familiar and it certainly made me want to pick up my joypad again and get some gaming in.

Shot on location across the UK, USA, Rio De Janeiro, Paris, and even Utah Beach, Normandy, the real-life location of the D-Day Landings, CODUMENTARY gets under the series’ skin to begin to understand how Call Of Duty in all of its iterations has truly and constantly evolved to maintain a seemingly unassailable position at the top.

Its not just essential viewing for documentary aficionados but I really do think that everyone will enjoy this doc as its made by people with a passion for telling geek history and features a whole host of people who also share that geek passion. You can even meet the crazy guy who thought it was worth while camping outside in the cold London weather for six days and five nights just to be the first to get the new Call Of Duty, and you know what? It was worth it for him Bless his crazy brain!

On Blu-ray, DVD & digital platforms from September 19th, 2017

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