Its finally here. Experiencing Comic Con, a film project I put together for YOU to watch for free

Ive spent many years hosting my own audio podcasts, but ive spent more years than that being a film fan. I also plan to spend many more years in the future not only doing podcasts but also still being the film fan I am. A couple of years ago I decided that I not only needed a new video camera to take with me on my travels, but that I also wanted to film some video podcasts and try my hand at this whole online video thing that was the craze back then (and still is) So I launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the minimum I could raise that would buy me camera equipment and some audio equipment and whilst that campaign wasnt super successful, it was indeed successful and allowed me to purchase a new PC base unit (capable of video editing), 2 hand held Sony 1080p video cameras, 2 wireless audio microphones and an audio recorder. This was all the equipment I would need to launch the FromPage2Screen video side of things.

Fast forward a few months and I attended scifi wales, a comic con style event held in Wales that not only was I given full press access to, but also to see a lot of the work that goes into making an event like this, and not only that, but I would be hosting several Q&A panels in a row for the day of the event. This is where scifi wales:the movie came from (but sadly didnt happen). But dont get too sad because the seed that was planted that day, grew into what you will hopefully watch now. Experiencing Comic Con, a feature length glimpse into several events, all attended by me. But before you sit down and press play. Let me spoil the first few lines of the film for you and its important so please remember them before you see my work.

Im not a filmmaker, I never set out to make a film.

Did you get that? So please do forgive anything you see that wouldnt get past an expert editor or filmmaker. Im a film fan, Im a somewhat decent film publicist, and I wanted to know just what it was like to put together a film project. With no skills beforehand (and some might say with no skills after the fact) I taught myself how to do pretty much everything you see before you. Other than the lovely graphics work on the text for the above poster (that was done by filmmaker John Foutz) and the music for the film (which was supplied by filmmaker Neil Johnson)  Everything you see was done in one room in my house in a sleepy town in England, so for all you people out there who want to make films. You can…..and you should, and when your film is done, let me know and I will help spread the word.

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