Alone, by Daniel Attrill and Louis Taylor

From filmmakers Daniel Attrill and Louis Taylor comes Alone, a feature length tale which for the most stands 100% firmly on the shoulders of Warren Day who takes on the role of Mark Woods, a man. Well yes. Alone.

Without going into too much explanation we quickly learn that Mark hasnt seen another living soul for a year, he sits in someone elses home, then decides to go for a walk outdoor. Not even bothering to close the back door. He leaves small voice recorders with a message from him, just in case someone else is out there. What has happened to the world? But more to the point, what we will learn about Mark over the 70 minute running time is super intersting and another great project from Daniel and Louise who not only wrote the story but also co directed the film.

Alone is one those films that you sit and watch and whilst you know that you arent in an amazing mood watching the film, its subject matter and its characters arent the most cheery of souls, you know that after watching the film, that at some point in the near future, you’ll get the urge to rewatch the film and get more out of it with each viewing. Now dont worry, I know I mentioned that the film is about Mark Woods and hes alone, but I also mentioned characters (as in more than one) I feel it worthwhile to mention that there are many flashbacks in this film which take us into the backstory of Mark and give us the message that whether you are the only person on planet Earth, or surrounded by people. You can in fact still be alone.

Apparently the films budget was only £1000 and as Daniel and Louis to with all their projects, they make the budget stretch to the point of snapping. The cinematography is top notch and this proves that with limited budgets, this crew can work wonders. Now lets sort something out to get them a bigger budget and really see what these guys can visually do. They have the writing side down to near perfection.



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