Steven Seagal is back at the End Of A Gun On DVD & Digital Download 10th July 2017

Its that time of the year again, and another action packed film from Steven Seagal enters our home viewing arena. Whilst I will fully admit that films post-Under Siege weren’t up the wonderful standard of the films before Under Siege, there is still something super enjoyable about watching the martial arts gun toting Seagal take out bad guys and protect the innocent. In this latest film ‘End Of A Gun’ Steven takes on the role of Decker, an ex DEA agent who for some reason is now living in Paris and becomes involved in an argument between a man and a woman, which then spirals into a tale of stolen money, wonderfully OTT villains, and the great handywork of Mr Seagal as he protects the girl and dish out honour (and punches to a great array or cinematic bad guys.

Yes I know it all looks rather cheesy and non original and yes it actually is cheesy and non original but for me that’s the beauty of the film works of Steven Seagal, and also starts such as Jean Claude Van Damme, Wesley Snipes and a whole host of other actors working in action film today. Film fans love to see new things, but we also love to see the familiar and the easy to watch. End Of A Gun is definitely easy to watch and at just over 80 minutes, its a great fun film to check out when  you want something fun and entertaining.   Like horror films, action fans love to see the cliche ingredients, a fight in a car park, a Mexican stand off between villains and our hero, a girl in distress, smashing windows and bullet casings wall to wall.

Written by a former federal agent, Chuck Hustmyre, and directed with flair by frequent Steven Seagal collaborator Keoni Waxman(True Justice, Mercenary), End Of A Gun features everything you need for a popcorn fueled evening.and of course with Steven Seagal  at centre stage once again, wreaking havoc.. You can go wrong.


On DVD & Digital Download 10th July 2017


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