DEAD BY FRIDAY featuring the late RICHARD HATCH debuts on Digital HD June 30

Ric LaMonte’s mob thriller DEAD BY FRIDAY, featuring Richard Hatch as Father Anthony, debuts on Video on Demand and Digital HD on June 30 from Sunset Undiscovered, a division of Sunset Studios.
This thrilling underground crime-drama tells the story of four friends, Joey (JUSTIN SMITH), Vinny (TIM INTRAVIA), Mike (DAVID MACKEY), and Sonny (DAN BACCELLIERE) who would do anything to gain the respect of their piers, only to find themselves in the worst situation imaginable. Filled with confusion and self-conflict each of them will have to make a choice that could potentially destroy more than their friendships.
After years of struggle they finally get the opportunity of a lifetime to make their dreams a reality when Vinny (TIM INTRAVIA) is selected to delivery a suitcase for mob boss Sal (JOHN MARTINO, “The Godfather”) to a rival family boss in Miami. When things go wrong and the job gets messy, the tables are turned and the others find themselves asked to do the unimaginable; whack one of their own. With little options and no solution in sight the friends turn to former made-man turned priest, Father Anthony (RICHARD HATCH, “Battlestar Galactica”) for help, hoping to find a way out. Tough decisions must be made by each of them as they are confronted with the weight of their own actions.
Featuring a talented cast, DEAD BY FRIDAY is a thrilling movie that cuts to the core of who we are and what we are willing to do to get the things we want. The only problem is, what you think you want may come to at too high price.


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