The Drama Club is pure charm Wri/Dir by Joe McClean ( @joe_mcclean )

As much as I do enjoy a good old car chase, action set piece or space battle, there is something so wonderful about watching a film about people who dont do much else other than talk to each other. Of course it helps if said film is well written and The Drama Club is wonderfully writter and a great way to start a film watching spree that I decided to have one Sunday whilst Annette was out at work, and I was at home waiting for some house deliveries to arrive at some point in the 12 hour period. The Drama Club, which is written and directed by Joe McClean (How To Make A David Lynch Film,Life Tracker) is pure charm with a great set of characters all gathering for a 20 year reunion.

Ex Lovers, childhood friends, people with grudges, but with one thing in common. They all grew up together and haven’t seen each other for years, we the viewer are treated to great rapid fire ‘banter’ that goes back and forth between the character that in the short time we spend with them (around 90 minutes) you feel like you know these people and in the most…quite like them and would happily friends with them. You want to laugh with them, cry with them, help them and protect them.

With films like The Drama Club it all comes down to a couple of things, the acting of the characters, and the dialogue we hear and with both of those points, The Drama Club hits them perfectly with a great script by Joe McClean and the performances of the cast. I could so easily go into some of my favourite lines, and favourite scenes from the film (and there are a lot), however I hate giving away the charms of the films I watch, I had no idea where the story would lead, so why on earth would I tip you off. But its The Drama Club, so whilst the comedy I thought was a real breathe of fresh air. You just know that behind all the fun and games. There is drama to be witnessed and its pure real life drama.

For fans of films such as Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, and The Big Chill, then The Drama Club will definitely be a film you’ll adore and laugh along with.  Although the only warning I will give you is that  whilst the film is a huge amount of fun, theres also the risk that some scenes will make you a bit uncomfortable and if you watch this film with your partner, then there might be the odd ‘erm what would you do in that situation’ type conversation’ Those type of conversations can be pretty awkward. So be warned!!

Theres no need for CGI, explosions, bullets flying or a $250 Million dollar budget when you put a great writer like Joe McClean together with a bunch of talented actors.My Sunday viewing got off to a fantastic start, although it no sets a high benchmark when it gets to the second film of my day. On a separate note and because I couldnt really figure out how to work out where this sentence could go in my ‘review’ The music in this film by Michael Teoli is really f*cking good.(and dedicated to David Nasman)

Ive never really been a fan of giving films a star rating, as how can you compare a 5 star comedy with a 5 star drama, however I do feel the need to say that if I did give films a star rating, then The Drama Club gets 5 out of 5 .

Available now On-Demand (Incl Itunes, and Amazon) 


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