Doctor Who stars Caitlin Blackwood & Frazer Hines unite in Sundown ( @sundown_film )

Sundown is the story about how a person’s perception of life can change once they accept their own mortality. We go through life fearing death for the longest time. An inherent subconscious thought of a distant certainty. So when you reach a point in our lives when death looms, you can either deny the inevitable, or embrace your mortality and begin to live life unafraid of its conclusion.

Magic Monkey Films is an emerging Scottish Film Production Company. Led by Award Winning and BAFTA nominated Director Ryan Hendrick and BAFTA Winning Producer David Newman.

Magic Monkey Films was set up to develop their feature film Journey Bound, a road comedy set in the Scottish Highlands starring some of Scotland’s most well known talent including Ford Kiernan (Still Game), Clare Grogan (Gregory’s Girl), Karen Dunbar (Chewin’ The Fat), Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who), and Caitlin Blackwood (Doctor Who, Cops and Monsters) and James Kirk (Scot Squad). In developing Journey Bound they have also produced the multi-award winning and BAFTA nominated short Perfect Strangers.  The 26 minute Christmas comedy was selected for 18 festivals worldwide and has been broadcast on television.

Now all eyes are focused on Sundown, the short film that is currently nearing the last few days of its Indiegogo campaign. The campaign is due to run out in just under two weeks and needs your help to reach its goal.

You can click the indiegogo log here to take you to the page and check out some of the great perks Team Sundown have for you



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