Its nearly time to begin Spending Time With… Tracey Birdsall


Its a strange feeling making a film project of any kind. I know this from experience now, having nearly completed Experiencing Comic Con, and having actually completed the first ‘episode’ in the Spending Time With… series of conversational videos that once seemed like an idea, but now is an actual finished product.  Spending Time With…Tracey Birdsall was filmed last year in San Diego at a glorious location just outside San Diego itself. As the sun went down and the moon came out, Filmmaker Neil Johnson (Humanitys End, Starship Rising, Rogue Warrior:Robot Fighter) and I sat down with Tracey Birdsall (Rogue Warrior:Robot Fighter) and along with Annette Emery (my lovely partner) Tracey and I spent just short of an hour chatting about filmmaking, life, and various other topics with the watchful eye of a couple of HD video cameras and an audio recorder. The footage then stayed on my PC for nearly a year awaiting the release of Neil and Tracey’s film (which is now in Walmart US) so that the Spending Time With… Tracey Birdsall episode would work as a tie in to the sci fi epic.

Its now the scary time, the time when the episode is complete and awaiting one final thing (a stupid copyright breach from youtube to be lifted) and then Spending Time With…Tracey Birdsall can be seen by all. Its been such a fun, scary, nerve wracking experience putting a media project together and whilst this one was far easier project to work on than the Experiencing Comic Con one was and is,  I have such a huge admiration for filmmakers of any scale to put their work out there.   So is there a definite release date for the Spending Time With…Tracey Birdsall. Well no there isn’t, but it will be soon.  No rest for me though as im already nearing the completion of the editing phase on Spending Time With…Craig Conway and Shaun Robert Smith which I shot at Grimmfest last year. Its no less nerve wracking than episode 1.



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