Catford Jesus: One man’s life discovery leads him to the mean streets. #supportindiefilm

A tense, psychological thriller set in early 90s London where a minicab driver Drey (Winston Ellis) turned moral crusader collides with Jink’s (Darren Kent)  a creature of the night on the tale end of a bad deed.

An unsettlingly journey unfolds as they attempt to make sense of their own uncertain destinies.

This is the film Catford Jesus,, based on real story to the memory of 90s minicab proprietor Tony Brom.

One of the things I love about doing the ‘film’ thing that I do, is that I not only discover gems, but have also developed a kind of radar when it comes to films that I truly believe will become gems (before I watch them). Im not sure what it is, for me I love the films that have that ‘extra’ thing, films that arent the same old same old. Of course I do like to watch familiar films with familiar often trodden story lines, but my heart lies in finding films that surprise me, and make me appreciate the work thats gone into them. I remember following the journey of Beverly:a short film that follows a girl’s struggle to carve out a sense of identity in a confusing, shifting cultural landscape set in 1980s Leicester.UK. This film was also produced by Cass Pennant, and I learned very early on that Cass puts his name and his effort into projects that he really cares about and believes in 100% so when I started hearing that his name was attached to Catford Jesus, well thats when I started checking out the film and you know what. Id sounds like a gem and I cant wait to find out more about not only the film, but also about the real Catford Jesus.

Directed by Chris Michael Fretwell & Dan Jones

Produced by Cass Pennant

Starring Winston Ellis( Cass, Pirates of The Caribbean:Dead Mans Chest) &   Darren Kent (Blood Drive, Game Of Thrones)


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