Taboo. Now Available on 3-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Boxset and Digital Download

From the opening scene, we know the world that Taboo will let is visit, for this 10 part series from creators Chips Hardy, Tom Hardy and Steven Knight. From the rainy weather, the muddy soil and the colour drained camerawork. We know that Taboo isnt going to be a lovely world in which we want to live, but we know that its going to be a very watchable series. We were right!

Whilst Taboo isnt a ‘cousin’ of another Steven Knight project, Taboo could so easily fit into some sort of shared universe with Peaky Blinders albeit set in 1814 rather than the early 1920’s. The easiest way to pitch Taboo would be to recommend it to the fans of Peaky Blinders (and there is a lot of those) However if you arent familiar with Peaky Blinders, then Taboo should still be for you if you love wonderfully written drama with a top notch cast. Whilst the show has been created in modern times, Taboo has a lovely Charles Dickens feel to it with not only its characters but the super serious grim world is portrays in this ten hour story. Pride and Prejudice this isnt, theres no quiet walks in the gravel here. There is violence, there is turmoil, and there is conflict.

James Delaney (played by Tom Hardy) returns to London after a decade in Africa to visit the corpse of his dead Father, he learns that he has been left a mysterious legacy in the last will and testament by his father. Tom Hardy )as he always is) is on top form with another wonderfully mysterious character to add to his long list of cinematic characters. There is a lot of grim beauty to Taboo and for me, straight away I wanted to learn who James Delaney is, where he has come from and where this story line was taking him. All the while, fully appreciating the fact that all my answers would not be answered sooner than they needed to be.

With Taboo coming back for a series two next year (2018) the story of James Delaney will continue to grow and give our television watching schedule something fantastic to look forward to. I remember a time when TV looked like TV and motion pictures looked like motion pictures. WIth shows like Game of Thrones Peaky Blinders,Westworld and now Taboo. The list of TV shows that look wonderfully cinematic just got that little bit longer.

Featuring a supporting cast of Jonathan Pryce (Game Of Thrones) , Oona Chaplin ( Quantum Of Solace) , Stephen Graham (This is England), Michael Kelly (House of Cards)  Jessie Buckley (War & Peace), David Hayman (Sea Of Souls), Tom Hollander (The Night Manager), Jason Watkins (Being Human) ,Franke Potente (The Bridge) , Jefferson Hall (Vikings) and many more are all ingredients in one of the best TV dramas of the year which is now available in a three disc DVD or Blu Ray box set.from Studiocanal



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