Mad Max:Fury Road, Black and Chrome edition.

With a near two minute introduction by director George Miller, we see something that we dont often see nowadays. A black and white version of a film that was shot in colour. Mad Mad Fury Road.

Growing up in the 70s and early 80s (although Ive kinda never really grown up). I watched most films at home in black and white, viewing them on a portable TV that was probably 15 inches in screen size and yes it was a black and white television so I saw everything in ‘black and white’ But nowadays people are used to 4k visuals, eye melting detail and sound that will make your ears cry.

Why did George Miller decide to release this blu ray edition of Mad Max:Fury Road? Well in the intro he tells us of a time he saw film composer Brian May watching a workprint of Mad Mad:The Road Warrior and that print happens to be been shown on a black and white screen. This image stuck with George Miller over the years and as a throwback to that day. He is giving us (well charging us money) for this double pack of films. Mad Max Fury Road:Black & Chrome, and thankfully also including Mad Mad Fury Road the regular theatrical colour version.

Whilst it is beautiful to watch and experience. Im still unsure whether I would go back and rewatch this black and white version of this fantastic film. Yes its gorgeous to see what was already a beautiful film with this different colour palet, and also one of those films where you would sit yout friends down to show how colours can change a film, I do wonder just how many times I will watch this version of the Tom Hardy starring action epic (and yes its epic whichever version you watch). I do commend filmmakers for releasing versions like this and as have even tyed with the idea of having a version of my own projects in black and white (as well as colour) I just wonder how financially beneficial it is to release black and white versions of films we already own. But hey who am I to criticize. I now own 2 blu rays of Mad Mad Fury Road.

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