AmeriKarate: “The funniest 80’s movie we never got to see” @amerikarate

With worrying health care reform and Russian hacking at the top of everyone’s agenda, nobody seems to be looking at America’s silent and deadly problem of ninjas.
Finally, one comic book is brave enough to shine the spotlight on this problem, when issue #3 of the hit Action Lab Entertainment series, AmeriKarate hits stores on May 10th 
In this popular tribute to 1980’s action flicks, AmeriKarate has been called “The funniest 80’s movie we never got to see” and “Really funny and strange”.
 Sam Kickwell is captured by the nefarious henchman Bloodbreaker! The evil dictator Neon gloats, certain he has imprisoned the only thing standing between himself and world domination! But Karate MasterForce Agent Cynthia Weaver has infiltrated the megalomaniacal tyrant’s lair, and is prepared to kill her way to the top—with karate!
AmeriKarate #3 has the coveted Diamond Certified Cool rating and was written by Corey Kalman and Brockton McKinney (Gingerdead Man), with art by Devin Roth (Bob’s Burgers). It is available in 4 amazing covers with the main cover by Devin Roth, and limited edition variant covers (limited to 1500 copies) by popular poster artist, Dave Perillo, popular comic book artist, Daniel Arruda Massa, and one featuring popular Cosplay model, April O’Neil.

AmeriKarate #3 is in stores now!


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