Introducing ‘Edith’ #supportindiefilm #shortfilm by Mini Productions ( @mini_prods )

If you are a movie fan and arent familiar with the name Peter Mullan, then you just arent familiar with his name, but you will be familiar with the man himself. With a filmography that any actor would kill for, Peter Mullan is right up there as one of my favourite character actors around. With an insanely varied range of roles over the years, the many roles that Peter Mullan has played invokes such emotion from the viewer. We love him in films such as Welcome To The Punch, Tyrannosaur, and Braveheart. We worry about him films such as My Name Is Joe, and we despise him in such a powerful role in the film Sunset Song. But what I do in every film and show I see Peter Mullan in, is know that I am about to see a very special performance by one of the best out there.

It was with wonderful anticipation that I found out that very soon I shall be watching  ‘Edith’, written by Ray Robinson and directed by Christian Cooke. Starring Michaelle Fairley (Fortitude), Eliiot Tittensor (Spike Island) and also the wonderful Peter Mullan (Top Of The Lake, The Fear)

‘Edith’ explores how we move on from bereavements. How we make peace with our past and find something worth living for . In this wonderful short film (which I like to class more as a snapshot of a longer film Id love to see)

Since his wife, Edith’s, death only a few months ago, Jake (played by Peter Mullan) has fallen into a life of drinking and isolation. He believes that Edith is haunting him and now she appears in his local pub. Drunk and fearful, Jake rushes to the toilets where he falls and soils himself. We flashback to younger Jake (Played by Elliott Tittensor)  and the rest youll have to see when you check out what Im sure it a wonderful short film of just fifteen minutes.

Its beautifully filmed and well worth checking out. Its always hard delving in a little deeper than this with short films as giving too much away can ruin the first viewing of any film. My apologies for that.

With screenings being held at such events as Shrewsbury Short Film Festival,Dublin International Film Festival and its US Premiere at the DC Independent Film Festival in Washington this February just past. The journey for ‘Edith’ is an exciting one and I am very glad to have seen it.


You can find out more about ‘Edith’ and those who helped create the film by heading over to the official website


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