Nordic Noir and Beyond announces ‘The Team’ Series DVD release April 2017 @nordicnoirtv

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When three prostitutes are murdered by being shot through the left eye in Antwerp, Berlin and Copenhagen, Europol sets up a Joint Investigations Team under the lead of Harald Bjørn (Lars Mikkelsen) from Denmark, Jackie Mueller (Jasmin Gerat) from Germany und Alicia Verbeek (Veerle Baetens) from Belgium. During their investigation ‘The Team’ unravels an unscrupulous criminal organization operating across Europe.

The Team’ is an international production for the Danish DR, the German ZDF, the Belgian vtm, the Austrian ORF and the Swiss SRF. which first appeared on small screens in the first quarter of 2015 and has since garnered a great following over the past couple of years. Whilst it doesnt quite fall into the ‘amazing’ line of shows out there, it does certainly fall into the shows I really like collection with wonderful character actors filling the cast list and giving us more realistic crime dramas and less over the top action crime dramas which is a good thing.  Ive been aware of this show for nearly two years now having first heard of it around the time it actually aired on Danish networks. But seeing as I dont live in Denmark nor had access to Danish tv channels. I opted to wait for the DVD release and Im glad I did. Some shows I like to watch week to week, some shows I like to binge watch and The Team was one I tore through in 4 days.  (well just less than 4 days) The great thing is that this for me was the way to watch the show, the sad thing was that this show is only one season and whilst some of the characters were so well played that I wasn’t a fan of them. Other characters I really liked and it makes me sad that there isn’t a season 2 of The Team for me to hammer through in a few days.

The DVD set is a great treat for yourself. Featuring all eight episodes from Season One of The Team and whilst a lot of the criticism of the show seems to be ‘cliches; There is nothing wrong with that.


Trafficking, forced prostitution, and tax fraud. A European investigation team investigates organized crime across borders in Europe.


The Team’ is released on April 17th 2017

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