Frightfest Presents:- My Father Die – released March 20th 2017 @frightfest

Whilst watching his older brother die at the hands of his father 12 year old Asher loses both his speech and hearing. The father is jailed for the assault, but is released two decades later due to prison overcrowding and good behavior.However the good behavior doesn’t last long as Ivan sets off to clear up some issues from his past.

Pumped-up and hungry for retribution, Asher (played by Joe Anderson) wastes no time in setting off on his emotional and physical journey to track down and face his father.

After gathering great reviews at various film festivals including South by South West (SXSW) and Frightfest, I was super excited to be able to check out My Father Die and it certainly didnt let me down at all. Gary Stretch (Dead Mans Shoes) is perfect in the role of Ivan, the unstoppable man on a mission who seems to be a wonderful mix of someone from Sons of Anarchy, The Terminator, and The Hitcher.  He is a highly believable scary piece of work and Asher  does indeed have his work cut out for him.


Part horror film, but more revenge thriller. My Father Die is the directing debut of Sean Brosnan who himself is no stranger to acting roles, having appears in such films and shows as HBO’s Generation Kill, Dominic Burn’s UFO (a.k.a. Alien Uprising) and the soon to be seen Simon Phillips created TV series ‘No Easy Days’ Sean has done a masterful job with this directing debut and has set himself a great benchmark for his future projects (to which I hope there are many)

“An experience you won’t forget in a hurry” Dread Central


For those who wince at violence, you will be fine with My Father Die, when the violence happens (and it does), the scenes are needed, they arent overdone and they arent gratuitous. Think thriller. Think films like Se7en, Cape Fear, Blue Ruin and Green Room and you wont be disappointed.

The rave reviews I saw for My Father Die are everything the film is. Highly recommended, wonderfully performed and an extremely impressive crew have given the film world another gem to watch and enjoy.

my20father20die20content20television2020digital_15My Father Die is released on Digital Download March 20th 2017

On DVD and VOD on April 3rd 2017 




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