Deny Everything, @DenyEverythinUK #supportindiefilm

How far would you go to help a friend? That’s a very good questions that most people wonder about.

How would you or would you help your friend get rid of a corpse if they showed up at your house with one in a bag? That’s another question and not one that I have actually thought much about. Then again I am not Frank and am not in the film Deny Everything.


Franks day started off pretty much okay other than n important work meeting being delayed, to another day. But that’s cool because his friend Jeff shows up at his house calling on an old drunken favour.

Director Michael Eden (who worked on the fantastic thriller No Reasons) has crafted a wonderful British comedy/drama/crime movie who’s closest relative might be the classic 80’s comedy Weekend At Bernie’s which also involved the complicated quandary of ‘how the hell you get rid of a dead body’. in a comedic way.

However there is more to Deny Everything than simply carrying the corpse around and disguigsng its death with sunglasses. Deny Everything has it all. mad Irishman, DIY stores, Chinese Takeaways, but it is quite difficult to review Deny Everything without actually going into plot details, which in turn would ruin a lot of the enjoyment in viewing Deny Everything. It has such a simple yet effective plot line that makes it super easy to follow but hard to talk about. I love that about Deny Everything. It also gave me the fun feeling of what the characters in The Inbetweeners might get up to when they are adults and someone shows up at their doorstep with a deceased human being.


Patrick Knowles (who plays Frank) and Dominic Leeder (who plays Jeff) are a great pairing in Deny Everything as they spend probably the most awkward day of their lives together and their cheeky banter works wonderfully in the film and the comedy is never forced and never sounds scripted.  The script was written by Michael Eden and its a testament to his writing and the acting performances that it doesn’t sound like its from a written page. But even wonderful completed films have their struggles. After the writing is done, the cameras are boxed up, and the editing bay earns its sleep until the next film. by the cast and crew. The film still needs to get to the finish line, it needs to be seen, it needs to be bought and that age old nightmare of the final stage begins. Distribution. There is no shortage of great films here in the UK (and across the world) but there is always a shortage of funding to make the films, and distribution to showcase these films on a multitude of platforms. So whilst Deny Everything is completed, and is a real fun afternoon of  entertainment. There sadly so far doesnt seem to be a release date, or any sign of a distribution network for it. Lets see if we can change for the crew.


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