Doll In The Dark featuring Amy Crowdis and Robin Lord Taylor ( @robinlordtaylor ) from @safecrackerp

I was a big fan of the first series of Gotham, and although I did eventually make it to the end of season 2 it was a bit of a slog for the returning year. Why? Well other than the inclusion of more supervillains than I cared to like, Season 2 of Gotham lacked more Penguin. Robin Lord Taylor was a huge part of why I loved Gotham Season 1, with his super realistic and inanity driven performance of one of the most iconic Batman villains. Less Penguin, less interesting in Gotham as far as I was concerned. Now I may return to the shows Season 3 but this morning I decided to check out a film featuring Robin Lord Taylor that didnt involve a walking cane or a dark moody cityscape.


Doll In The Dark is a very odd film but that’s a good thing and kept me engrossed until the end credits had finished. Straight from the start I got the feeling that this was going to be an odd movie, and I was right. We are introduced to Melanie (played by Amy Crowdis) who seems to have an attachment to a life size doll and not only talks to it at her home, but also drives around town with it in the passenger seat. If this doesnt keep you saying ‘erm whats this film going to be about’ then her encounter with Dukken (played by Robin Lord Taylor) will enforce that. Whilst you can see hints of ‘Penguin’ in his performance, It was really god to see Robin step away from the DC world and play a character which felt like a cross between someone from Green Day and Christian Slater’s character from the classic film Heathers with of course Robin’s creation thrown in to give it Dukkens uniqueness.

Whilst the storyline of Doll In The Dark is basic (and doesn’t need to be anything other than) the joy in watching the film is in watching the performances of Amy and Robin as they talk, drive, and try to work each other out. all encompassed in that wonderfully realistic, cold look of an indie film that I learned to love many years ago. No need for flash edits, ear bleeding soundtrack or too many visual effects. Just plain old human drama and with that you have a very strange and unique film.

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