Choose Life, Choose Movies, and Choose T2 Trainspotting ( @t2trainspotting )

Im sure that the year 1996 had many memorable things for me. I was working in a video store at the time,,living in a small town in North West England and was still the movie obsessed human being that I still am today. However one of the things that does stand out for the year 1996 was taking a trip to my semi local cinema (it was about 6 miles from my home) to see the directing follow up by Danny Boyle to the wonderfully dark and original film Shallow Grave which starred Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccleston and Kerry Fox. The film was called Trainspotting and had one of the oddest marketing campaigns but the most successful marketing campaigns that I ever remember.  It began with the ‘Never leave your friends tied to the railway tracks’ teaser trailer, then the music came, and more music came and the posters and Trainspotting exploded in the UK and around the world.


Now 21 years since Irvine Welsh’s book was turned into the Brit classic that it became, we get T2:Trainspotting 2, which reunites the main characters from the first film, and shows us how they have aged (very well) and gives us glimpses into what they have been up to since that fateful day when Renton (played by Ewan McGregor) legged it with a pile of money. Roll End Credits to Trainspotting.

So how does T2 Trainspotting fare? Well dont worry I wont spoil a damn thing. I promise,


I have just finished watching the film at my local cinema (now about 2 miles from my house) and wanted to put fingers to keys as soon as I got home. T2 Trainspotting is a treat in ever single way possible, We havent been deprived of seeing Danny Boyle movies over the past 20 years and every film he has done in his career (so far) has been a joy to watch.  But we have been deprived (not that we HAVE to get any film we would like to get, filmmakers make films, film fans hope we get them and hope we love them) of the characters that we love. / Its such a joy to see Renton, Spud, Sickboy and of course the insanity driven Begbie back on screen and whilst there has been over 20 years since they played those roles, its as if they never left them. Still making s smile, nervous, and care.

Danny Boyle is still on top form with his direction, and crafting of that beautiful Danny Boyle style that makes him perhaps once of my most favourite directors ranking alongside Tony Scott for the stylish inventive storytelling.


Those who havent seen Trainspotting (1996) could still easily watch T2:Trainspotting and still get large amounts of enjoyment out of the film and those who are familiar with the 1996 film will smile at the nods to the first film, and those nods come thick and fast but arent over the top, some of them are so subtle that a lot of people might not even realise they are there.

As with the majority of Danny Boyle films, the music plays a massive part of making the film leap above other films and I want to go out right now and get the soundtrack which Im sure will be playing on my Ipod for the next few months, at loud volume..


So wil I tell you that T2:Trainspotting is the best film in the history of movie making. Well I dont know if any film can get that title, but what I will tell you is that around 3 hours ago I wasnt sure what to expect (although I always have faith in Danny Boyle film and Irvine Welsh adaptations) and now Im sitting here with a smile on my face having watched a great fun, heart warming, film made by a fantastic crew, powered by excellent music and featuring a wonderful set of characters created by wonderful writers.

Choose Life, Choose a great movie and Choose T2:Trainspotting.

In Cinemas Now.


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