‘Your Move’ brings us the directorial debut of Luke Goss ( @lukegoss ) #supportindiefilm

With years of performing experience with his musical career, and over 50 roles to his acting resume (as of 2017), its now wonderful to see that Luke Goss is stepping behind the camera and bringing the world his directorial (and writing) debut with the film ‘Your Move’ in which Luke also stars as David, a successful New York businessman. David witnesses the kidnapping of his own family and not able to rely on law enforcement, He takes the decision to find his family himself and not reply on the law.. Joining Luke in the cast are great names such as Robert Davi (Die Hard, LIcense to Kill) ,Patricia De Leon (Lincoln Heights, Men of a Certain Age)  Alain Mora (brilliant short film Hustlers Instinct) and a whole host of wonderful cast members who come from all ranges of movies and television shows. A wonderful ensemble.


I’ve never held back my thoughts that Luke Goss would make a fantastic James Bond, having seen dozens of his films over the years, especially his role as Vikotr in the 2012 action thriller Interview With A Hitman, in which Luke plays a cold hearted killer for hire in one of the slickest films I have seen for a long time with a dapper Luke Goss taking out bad guys. If you haven’t seen that film then do check it out. Alongside other varied roles over the years in a wide range of films  including Blade 2, Death Race 2000, Charlie, Hellboy 2, and War Pigs. Luke Goss is one hell of a versatile acting talent. I’m excited to see what his writing and directing talents look like in ‘Your Move’ I have every faith it will be just as entertaining as his onscreen personas.


So whilst we wait for the films release ( Your Move is now in Post Production) you can check out this extended trailer that was released a few months ago and gives you a great glimpse into into how gorgeous this film looks .. Whilst the film has now wrapped filming in Mexico, and the next stage of filmmaking is ongoing. I still have time to wish the whole cast and crew the very best wishes.






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