Capsule ( @capsulethemovie ) is out of this orbit. #supportindiefilm

I love all kinds of movies (well other than musicals) but my favourite type of movies are those that make me think and those which have me thinking about the characters or the storyline long after the end credits have rolled. This morning I watched a film that I heard so many great things about through 2015 and 2016. It features an actor that I’m a huge fan of having seen his great performance in the film ‘Allies’ and have since kept an eye on the films he chooses to appear in and also working my way through his back catalogue of rolls. This morning I watched the film ‘Capsule’ a low level budget film that certainly doesn’t look like a low budget film, in fact I didn’t even concern with its cost. As a film fan, I don’t care how much a film costs, I only care if the film is good and ‘Capsule’ is one of the best films I have seen this year and joins a select list of films that I would highly recommend, not only for the storyline but for the central performance of its main character.


Capsule introduces us to British astronaut Guy Taylor (played by Edmund Kingsley) who is part way into a solo space mission 130 miles above the Earth and in the year 1959.. Things are going wrong, the oxygen level on the capsule is critically low, the fuel is low ,and things that work, well they just aren’t working like they should.. That’s on the ‘Capsule’  Everything about the film does work and works brilliantly, from the compelling storyline (Written by Andrew Martin from a story by Felix Forrest)  to the way the film looks, sounds and feels. But for me the star on the top of the tree is Edmund Kingsley as the astronaut in distress. Not only is the capsule starting to fail and come apart, but we see Guy also starting to come apart and fail and considering that the majority of the screen time is devoid of characters other than Guy. Edmund is brilliant onscreen, having noone to play against, no real props to play with and only voice actors on the radio and a few flashing lights to help immerse him into the world of space and chaos. Now THAT is acting talent.


Im a huge fan of ‘single location; movies such as Buried, Locke, and Open Water. I love how the filmmakers use a limited location but are very good at making the audience forget that they are looking at pretty much the same scenery for an hour and a half. These type of films also wonderfully showcase an actors talent and Capsule most certainly does this. Whilst I was a huge fan of Edmund’s role in Allies (as Yorkie Jones), I am an even bigger fan of his role as Guy Taylor because here its the Edmund show and he knocks it out of the atmosphere.



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