Visiting the ‘Pool Of London’ with its wonderful 2k restoration

I love movies from all eras but there is no way I will ever manage to watch every film thats ever been made. As much as I would love to. As I try to keep up with the films released this year, I also find time to watch films from years gone by. This morning I checked out the 1951 Ealing Studio classic film ‘Pool Of London’ Directed by Basil Dearden which has recently been restored into a glorious 2k resolution and released by Studiocanal. The new release, which also features some brand new extras including an unseen interview with the legendary Earl Cameron CBE running for 8 minutes and a wonderful 18 minute featurette talking about the locations from the film


We begin ‘Pool Of London’ on a Friday afternoon as the ship Dunbar pulls into harbour allowing its crew some well earned shore leave. Two of the sailors find themselves caught up in a diamond smuggling racket which is complicated enough but becomes far more complicated when Johnny (Earl Cameron ) finds love and also heartache in London docklands in the 1950’s.Its also notable that this film saw the screen debut of Earl Cameron who is now in his 90s, and has since appeared in films such as Inception, The Queen, and the James Bond classic Thunderball. His performance in Pool Of London is wonderful and hes an instantly likable character.


The 2k restoration of ‘Pool Of London’ is glorious and very crisp to watch and id love to have seen a featurette on what Im sure was a crazy indepth restoration of this 1951 film.. There is something so wonderfully cinematic about watching black and white films there’s no ‘filler’ scenes and within ten minutes of viewing we learn and find ourselves totally engrossed in the characters and the plot which unfolds over the nice and tight running time of 81 minutes.  You should treat yourself to watching some more classic films and you cant go wrong with any of the Ealing Studio classic films. Start yourself off with Pool Of London. You can thank me later.


POOL OF LONDON is part of the ‘Vintage Classics collection’ – showcasing iconic British films, all fully restored and featuring brand new extra content:

The Digital Film restoration was funded by STUDIOCANAL in collaboration with the BFI’s Unlocking Film Heritage programme (awarding funds from the National Lottery).


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