Entering the ‘Fox Trap’ ( @foxtrapfilm ) a wonderful UK slasher film


A terrible accident leaves a young girl disabled, and eight years later the group responsible visit a manor house after a class reunion invitation. But as we know from situations like this. Things are unlikely to turn out well. Welcome to Fox Trap, the feature film debut of director Jamie Weston and writer Scott Jeffrey. Filmed in the UK and in 4k for those who like the technical side of things. Fox Trap is another great addition to the library of Proportion Productions who have given the film world the ultra strange Deadly Waters, and the soon to be released Darker Shades of Elise (a.k.a.The Domino Effect).


With a wonderful mix of character actors, Fox Trap is a fun watch for fans of the classic slasher genre, harking back to films such as Friday the 13th, Black Christmas and more recent thriller horrors such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and the David Boreanaz film Valentine. Horror fans might not feel that Fox Trap brings anything new to the table (other than a new director, and a wonderful set of actors) but that’s part of the enjoyment with horror films. Its like revisiting an old friend that you might not have seen for a while.


Fox Trap lovingly tips its hat to many of the horror film cliches and each of those will make you smile. I love watching slasher films and playing the ‘whos next’ game when it comes to cast members.  Id love to give the cast a mention but they are all wonderful and I don’t want to turn this ‘review’ into a list of who’s who,needless to say the cast all play their roles wonderfully and inhabit their characters for the full length of the film. Pick up the film, get yourself some snacks and some drinks and forget about lifes woes. Enjoy the movie!. Fox Trap is released on DVD in early 2017 and other format dates will be released soon..I’m pretty sure that all you horror fans will have a blast watching it. I know that for me Fox Trap is the best UK slasher film I’ve seen for many years.

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