Girls Lost. In Cinemas and on Demand in November

Based on the prize-winning novel by Jessica Schiefauer & from the Director of Kiss Me (Kyss Mig)

Alexandra-Therese Keining’s

GIRLS LOST (Pojkarna (original title)



Three teenage girls going through the throes of finding themselves discover a curious plant with magical qualities that, once consumed, transforms them temporarily into boys. At first, a newfound sense of freedom encapsulates Kim (Tuva Jagell) , Bella (Wilma Holmén) and Momo (Alexander Gustavsson) , giving them assurance and the courage to stand up to the major bullies at their school. But it is certainly not all roses. Each time they transform, the world around them and their response to it is profoundly altered. Momo and Bella quickly realise that their male counterpart is merely a façade but for Kim, being a boy is much more than wearing a mask, it offers her a true sense of identity. As friendships are tested and confused sexuality unravels, we ask ourselves who loves who and why, and if gender identity really matters when it comes to love?


Girls Lost is a very unique film, a gem, beautifully filmed and put together and whilst many of the strange ‘trippy’ sequences did throw me a little, all in all the film is a great watch albeit rather uncomfortable to watch when the school bullies are acting like the horrible human beings they are. The cast are fantastic and from the moment they appear on screen, there isn’t an unconvincing scene within the movie. I wasn’t totally sure what sort of film to expect when the opening credits for Girls Lost began. But the film is definitely a hidden gem. And by that I don’t mean the film hasn’t been seen, I just mean that because its a subtitled film that doesn’t have a major studio behind it, that the film probably hasn’t been seen by as many people as the film deserves to be seen by. If you are a fan of Young Adult movies, then definitely check out Girls Lost when it hits the screens in November, One of the many reasons I love doing what I do with FromPage2Screen is that I am opened up to see lots of films that I might not have seen were I just just focus on the Hollywood blockbuster budgeted films. Once I find a new gem, then I take great pleasure in sharing my knowledge in the hopes others will also feel the same way about the films as I do. Check out Girls Lost. Its a film that will stick with me for a while.

Alexandra-Therese Keining debuted as Sweden’s youngest female director and screenwriter with the feature film Hot Dog in 2003. Her second feature Kiss Me screened around the Globe, winning numerous festival awards and accolades. Girls Lost premiered at Toronto International Film Festival in 2015 and will be distributed in UK cinemas and On Demand November 4th by Peccadillo Pictures.


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