Oscar Winner comes to Manchester for Science Festival Talk ( @grimmfest )

grimm bannerGRIMM UP NORTH Partner with Manchester Science Festival to bring Oscar-winning VFX guru to Manchester.

GRIMM UP NORTH and R.A.D. Screenings return to Manchester Science Festival in 2016 with a trio of films followed by Q & As with leading experts in the field of study closely related to each respective film including Christopher Nolan’s right hand VFX supervisor Paul Franklin


The first of these special screening events is a 20th anniversary of the  1996 film Star Trek: First Contact that takes place on October 23rd at Odeon Printworks. This screening will be followed by a talk about the science and history of the Star Trek universe, with super-fans Dr Jamie Gallagher (an award-winning scientist, science communicator and salsa teacher) and Chris Dunford.

In the film, Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and the crew of the USS Enterprise face off against terrifying deep-space force The Borg. Could it ever happen for real? The iconic television show’s narratives have often been filled with references to tachyon beams, baryon sweeps, quantum fluctuations and event horizons. Will we ever travel faster than light or make first contact with aliens? And how has Star Trek inspired real life science?


The second event is headed up by RAD Screenings and will be a screening of the 1996 blusterly blockbuster Twister at Gorilla on October 24th. Audiences are invited to watch a screening of the classic disaster movie, then hear from a team of tornado specialists about the science behind these destructive phenomena and the events of the film. Answering vital questions such as can a real-life tornadoes really pick up cows and whirl them around?


The finale event on October 26th returns to Odeon Printworks to present a screening and discussion around Christopher Nolan’s spectacular 2014 science fiction film Interstellar, looking into how it presented such accurate images of space. Audiences are invited to go on a journey with the film’s Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor Paul Franklin, as he reveals how his pioneering team used real scientific data and worked with scientists; plus, watch the film itself and hear about spacetime and black holes, with Professor of extragalactic astronomy Carole Mundell.

For more information visit http://grimmfest.com/grimmupnorth/2016/09/manchester-science-festival-2016/



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