Mel Gibson is the Blood Father

Sadly Mel Gibson cant be talked about nowadays without someone bringing up some of the stupid crap he has said when he is out and about. Yes the guy has made some serious public missteps with his behavior but that doesnt take away the fact that he is a damn fine actor. Always has been and more than likely Mel Gibson will always be a damn fine actor (hes also a pretty impressive director just in case you forgot)

Mels latest starring vehicle is the film Blood Father which hit cinemas this week. Mel plays Link, an ex convict, ex biker and ex troublemaker who is trying to sort his life out. Many years previous, his daughter vanished and this has taken its toll in Link. Out of the blue Link receives a collect call from Lydia (played by Erin Moriarty) his daughter who begs him for help. She is on the run from some very bad guys and has nowhere to turn to other than the father she hasnt seen for years.


Blood Father is an excellent film, with the feel of Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, and The Shield all mixed up with a motion picture feel to it. Mel Gibson is fantastic as Link whose sole goal is to protect his child. With hints of Martin Riggs, its such a pleasure to see Mel Gibson swearing and shooting his way through this lean perfectly paced film that runs for only 88 minutes but doesnt waste a second of it. Lets forgive Mel’s stupid outbursts and revel in his mad man performance in Blood Father. Definitely check the film out and youll be reminded of not only just how talented this guy is, but also send the film studios happy thoughts so that we may get more Mel Gibson films in the very near future.


Directed by Jean-François Richet

Blood Father is in cinemas now


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