Poster artwork and trailer revealed for British indie film Undercover Hooligan ( @movieundercover )

Michael Clarke (played by Kris Johnson) is a suspended police officer who is sent undercover to infiltrate the notorious London criminal enterprise of Terence Turner (played by Patrick Connolly), with the task of bringing the gang boss to justice.
Chief Inspector Hawkins (played by Tim Berrington) and Baker (played by Ali Bastian) watch on as Clarke struggles to keep his cover when he finds himself getting dragged deeper into a world of failed operations, people trafficking, murder and extortion.

Turner and his son Gavin (played by Simon Cotton) have their suspicions about the ex-copper but veteran mobster Griffith vouches for him. Clarke’s headstrong attitude might see him bring the Turners to justice or his violent tendencies could jeopardise the police operation and his own life

hooligan-undercover-2 hooliganundercover

Digital download release 19th December and DVD release 26th December 2016

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