Checking out the Sunset Song

Set in the first few years of the 20th Century, Sunset Song is a wonderfully made drama film set in the highlands of Scotland and shows us just how much life has changed from the turn of last century. Peter Mullen is (as always) on top form as a seriously dislikeable and brutal Father and Husband and as Peter always is. he lights up the screen in whichever film he appears in.


The rest of the cast and do an amazing job at not only making us care about them all but giving what appears to be a super authentic job of showing us just how difficult life appeared to be in what has to be one of the toughest landscapes in the UK. People sometimes complain about how tough life is nowadays, but that’s nothing compared to what life was like a hundred years ago. Even more so if you are a woman. Check out Sunset Song, Angelas Ashes, and Suffragette and then tell me that life is hard nowadays. The onscreen performance by Agyness Deyn ( Pusher, Clash Of The Titans) is wonderful. We are about her, we worry about her and we hope and prey she finds happiness in her world of Sunset Song.


Sunset Song isn’t a gory film or overly visually brutal but it only takes moments to realize that this isn’t an overly happy world in which we are taken to and even when the good times arrive, I couldn’t help waiting for everything to head south and for misery to return. But I hoped it wouldn’t.

I actually dont know that many people who have seen Sunset Song but I know lots of people who should watch Sunset Song. If you like well made films that tell engaging stories, then definitely check out Sunset Song. Directed by Terence Davies (The House Of Mirth)


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