Queen’s Mile nominated at next months Iris Prize Film Festival ( @irisprize ) Wri/Dir by @1martindelaney


A while back I had the pleasure of speaking with filmmaker Martin Delaney not only about the many films he has appeared in such as Zero Dark Thirty, Flags of Our Fathers and Amar,Akbar & Tony but we also spoke about his short film Queen’s Mile which Martin wrote and directed. Well as I always do. I follow the career and journey of whomever I speak with on the podcasts and its wonderful to have kept an eye on the journey of Queen’s Mile. The film has been going from strength to strength over the recent months, with screenings at festivals across the world and it has been gaining wonderful support and feedback along the way., Queen’s Mile can add another success to its growing list as it has been nominated for Best British Short Film at the BAFTA qualifying Iris Prize Film festival, which takes place next month in Cardiff. Iris Prize is the biggest prize in LGBT film, in the world, and is such a great honour for for all involved with Queen’s Mile.

London’s Southbank. A twenty something girl approaches a familiar part of London, where she asks a stranger to take her picture. She’s not a tourist, her accent is a local one and her camera isn’t your standard digital complete with selfie stick. In an awkward exchange, the Polaroid picture is finally taken, and the girl places the image in her collage book.

We follow her with intrigue, as she takes more around familiar sights of London, each one piquing our interest but equally our concern for her. Why is she taking photos with empty frames? And why today? And why in particular The Queen’s Walk, along the Southbank?

Queen’s Mile is a heartwarming story of a young woman’s courage in coping with depression, in her own unique way.


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