Ingrid Bergman:In Her Own Words Out now from Soda Pictures ( @sodapictures )

I’ve always been a film fan, but when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, there were legendary names of actors and actresses that although I knew the names of, I hadn’t actually seen any of their films. I had of course seen glorious black and white photos of the stars of the silver screen but it wasn’t until many years later that I saw motion pictures featuring such legends as Bettie David, Rita Hayworth, and Ingrid Bergman. Even though the world lost Ingrid Bergman in late 1982 (aged 67), her name and her films live on and very recently I had the chance to hear from Ingrid Bergman:In Her Own Words, a feature length documentary directed by Stig Bjorkman. Now available for you to watch and own from Soda Pictures.


There is something so special and wonderful about watching this type of documentary its lifting the curtain on a legend and allowing us not only to see more footage of someone long gone and footage we have never seen, but also allowing us to hear and see stories about Ingrid, not only from her own home movies, a lot of which she infact filmed but also to hear interviews with her children from both her marriages. There is something heartwarming and intimate about watching clips of the Super 8 home movies we see in Ingrid Bergman:In Her Own Words. its a glimpse into someones life that perhaps we shouldn’t or needn’t look into, but we cant help watching nevertheless. Ingrid Bergman, like many others had us hypnotized with her screen performances in such films as Casablanca, and Notorious, but over 30 years have passed since her death and she still has us glued to the screen when shes on it.


Available now on all platforms

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