She Who Must Burn

Written and Directed by Larry Kent  ‘She Who Must Burn’ takes us into the story of Angela (played by Sarah Smyth) refuses to leave her planned-parenthood clinic after it is shut down by the state. Things get worse for her and when a family of fanatical evangelists from the town vow to make her pay. Any way they can. The opening scene of the film is a very strange man sitting silently in a doctor’s office who announces, “This is the vengeance of the Lord. This simple scene instantly lets us know we are about to see something very creepy and different.


She Who Must Burn is a polarizing movie. I’ve spoken with people who adore this film, I’ve spoken with people who aren’t a fan of the film. But all have very strong reasons to state their case. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I pressed play on the DVD, Firstly though there are no monsters to speak of (other than the human kind) and no ghosts and such like that horror films overflow with nowadays. This is a serious human drama that will either do nothing for you, or make you angry at the screen (in the right way) If you are of a religious persuasion, then the film will either work for you or make you angry. If you are a parent then you might get super frustrated at the storyline (in the right way though, its not a critique)   The film isn’t a bloodbath but the film is what they call a tough watch.  Its a well made film and aside from the sort of stereotypical religious fanatics that are seen in many films over the years, the indie feel and look of She Who Must Burn works brilliantly here.

Whilst the film might not be for everyone, its definitely worth checking out if you not only love indie films, but class yourself as a horror fan.

She Who Must Burn is available from outlets including the newly launched



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